Fast foods: surely each one of us loves to eat fast food. We all just want to grab a big bite of every delicious thing available out there but then the universal worry of staying fit and healthy comes in the midway of our fast foods. One side we are melting down in the fantasies of having fast food but on the other hand, our mind keeps commanding us to not think about it.

But today, I am here for you to help you out. You don’t need to get grind between the thoughts of whether to eat or not because of today, I am here with a list of 10 most delicious and ‘Low Calories’ fast food. Amazed. Right? But yes, you heard right low-calorie fast food and each and every dish you find here is lower than 300 calories. So just scroll down and have a look on some yummy fast foods that you can have at times without ditching your health.


Mango BBQ crispy chicken griller

Who doesn’t love the spicy-tangy combo and that which is so crisp?  We all love. Grab it this weekend.


Spicy potato soft taco

Mouth watering one, what wait for, even after you know it contains low calories. Yummies.


Large breast of chicken soup

Soup is always healthy for health and the one with chicken breast. Just wow. Sip away this low calories soup.



A small hamburger has calories below 300. Go get one now.


Eight grilled nuggets with barbecue sauce

If you have eight grilled nuggets with barbecue sauce at a time you can maintain your calories.


Veg samosa

This hot fast food snack is the favourite for almost everyone. Eating one is ok sometimes.


Tandoori chicken breast

Low on calories and absolutely below 300 calories. Can, be taken occasionally.


Low fat paneer wrap

Paneer can never be told a ‘NO’. For this who are totally diet and health conscious can happily take the low fat paneer wraps.


Onion bhaji

This one is undoubtedly the favorite for many of us. Isn’t it! You can completely relish on it sometimes without worrying much about calories


Spicy chickpeas

Indian food is known popularly for spiciness of the food. And the spicy chickpeas are one among them. These are one spicy option of fast food that is even low on calories.


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