‘Everyone needs a job’- anyone competent or incompetent demands and wishes to have a minimum salary providing the job, for his subsistence. ‘JOB’ is the ship which can assist to set in a voyage to fulfill one’s dream or goal. Recently, Recessions and inflation have set the job market in turmoil in the whole world. It’s an irony that the ‘Economy’ itself has created these ‘Economy-related ailments’. Countries potent or impotent, capable or incapable are witnessing the bankruptcy of the banks and bigger organizations which in turn, vacuuming the job market. Even if any vacancy gets flashed up, flocks of the job-seekers rush toward that, thus, making the tough competition tougher. So, we might have understood it quite enough that how lucky one must have to get to be able to snatch a job from millions of competitors. You would have great talent, competency, achie

vements and marks, nevertheless, you can’t guarantee to get paved in a job vacancy. Just because of this, nowadays, ‘JOBs’ have been the pseudonym as ‘capricious’ or ‘

serendipity’. And yes, cent percent is true of this statement.
People reading this or not, more or less, know these things which I have blabbered in the previous parts. But what they really and naturally don’t know that –CV’ parts an important role in fetching your desired job. Firstly, we almost all understand that CV is a ‘slip which gives a gist of our profile including, academics, achievements, hobbies and personal details’. Moreover, it is also called, ‘CV’ or simply ‘BIO-DATA’. However, we don’t really think that deep at which we become enlightened enough to call this slip as a ‘magic potion’. Writing a CV is not less than an ‘Art’ and its effect can never be lesser than a ‘Magic Spell’.

To conceive a beautiful and apposite CV for respective organizations or companies, we need to be bit resourceful. And this resource can be gained by reading further through this context. As knowledge of writing CV is as hard to garner as to comprehend a man’s psychology, so we need to little deliberate and conscious to proceed. We can’t put everything which comes to your fickle and incomprehensible mind. We are bound to be diplomatic even while writing about us which cuffs any interviewer’s heart and brain.
So, If you are prepared enough then lets set in for this expedition which would prove to be of great help for your next job application.

Irrelevant work experiences

Don’t put any such job experience which doesn’t match to your applied job profile, like, waiting tables in a restaurant, mopping and cleaning jobs at any shop. But as Alyssa Gelbard, a career expert and founder of career-consulting firm Résumé Strategists, points out: Past work experience that might not appear to be directly relevant to the job at hand might show another dimension, depth, ability, or skill that actually is relevant or applicable.
So, include those job experiences which can showcase your ability for the desired position of the job.

Deliberate and blatant lies

Job seekers when becoming ‘desperate’ job seekers do produce their CV on the basis of deliberate and intentional lies, like, ‘ been CEO of the previous company’, ‘have been nominated for Noble-prize’, etc. This is sounding ridiculous but is true as people do it blatantly.Rosemary Haefner, the chief human-resources officer at CareerBuilder, says these lies may be “misguided attempts to compensate for lacking 100% of the qualifications specified in the job posting.”But Haefner says candidates should concentrate on the skills they can offer, rather than the skills they can’t offer.
So, don’t ever lie as your career can’t be erected on lies and forgeries.

Your age

If you don’t want to be discriminated against for a position because of your age, it’s time to remove your graduation date, says Catherine Jewell, author of “New Résumé, New Career.”
Another surprising way your résumé could give away your age: double spaces after a period.


Spending time too much ( as for family)

You need not include the things which illustrate that you take huge time off to travel or to raise the family. Some companies want to hear that out of you but others can’t. So keeping yourselves out of any controversy, better leave this topic.

References or any sort of bibliography

If your employers want to speak to your references, they’ll ask you. Also, it’s better if you have a chance to tell your references ahead of time that a future employer might be calling.If you write “references upon request” at the bottom of your résumé, you’re merely wasting a valuable line, career coach Eli Amdur says.

Inconsistent and untidy formatting

Untidy CV is repulsive and no one wants to go through it. To avoid your lucky chance to get a job better go for tidy, sober and consistent formatting. She says the best format is the format that will make it easiest for the hiring manager to scan your résumé and still be able to pick out your key qualifications and career goals.Once you pick a format, stick with it. If you write the day, month, and year for one date, then use that same format throughout the rest of the résumé.

Writing in third or first person

“Don’t write your résumé in the third or first person. It’s understood that everything on your résumé is about you and your experiences.”Your résumé shouldn’t include the words “I,” “me,” “she,” or “my,” says Tina Nicolai, executive career coach and founder of CV Writers’ Ink.


A un-professional email address

using an old email address, like Beercandy123@gmail.comor cutebabe83@yahoo.com, and other nonsenses, might be attractive and funny for your friends but it’s a high time to pick a new one as you can’t risk yourselves even at the slightest point of your CV. Also, It only takes a minute or two, and it’s free.

Company-specific jargon

“Companies often have their own internal names for things like customized software, technologies, and processes that are only known within that organization and not by those who work outside of it,” Gelbard says. “Be sure to exclude terms on your résumé that are known only to one specific organization.”

Outdated fonts

Always incorporate the use of latest and sober fonts while typing down your CV or CV. Don’t go for old or fashionable or artistic fonts as it would project an adverse impression on your interviewer. Better go for ‘Calibri’, ‘Arial’ or ‘Impact’.


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