“Love for everyone, hatred for none.” Well, this is what India is famous for. India is a special country and it houses special people and special characteristics. India has been one of the most exciting emerging market economies in recent decades. But its massive population combined with rapid economic growth has also created plenty of unusual challenges related to bureaucracy, infrastructure, and crime. And all of these has collided with India’s unique and colorful culture. There are traits; inescapable, spontaneous nevertheless hilarious traits that go with belonging to this country. Each and every country is unique so also its citizens. We also find many unique things that could happen only in a particular country. So with respect to this context “15 things that happen only in India” shall be the epicenter of discussion.

Largest family

Say what India has got many largest families in the world. We have papa, mummy, chacha, Chachi, mausa, mausi, bua, fufa, dada, dadi etc. Most of them are joint families, it seems to be unbelievable but you’ll find a whole bunch of people under one roof. And partly because of this huge number Indian weddings are nothing like any other wedding in the world. Actually during the time of wedding Indians spent a lot and its about lakhs and lakhs of rupees. They spend money not just on food and ferrying guests about, but also on “thank you gifts” and invites.

Road traffic

It’s a common sense that road traffic is only about vehicles. But this is not the case in India. Truly speaking cattle, dogs, cats etc accompanies us on road. Sounds strange? Isn’t it.


When it comes to celebration then Indians are a step ahead of everyone. Starting from Diwali, Holi, Eid, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Shivratri, Durga Puja, Ganesh Chaturthi and many more. There’s no such occasion that is missed by Indians. Holidays? The more, the merrier. We just need a reason.


We came to know about the largest Indian families now we we get to know another fact that families and friends are also over-dramatic. This is mainly because we are Bollywood lovers and treat actors and actresses as gods. We are definitely meant to perform all over-dramatic activities to add up spices in our lives.


Indians are food lovers. Any western cuisine has a way of getting Indianised. Desi pizzas, Desi sandwiches, pasta, paninis etc. You name it and get it.

Super train journeys

The Indian railways runs the world’s fourth largest rail network and is also among the largest employers. Trains are trained to transport massive populace. When we say massive, we mean it. And talking about the passengers you’ll be surprised to know that not only they are inside coaches but also above them too!


India is such a place where cricket is considered as a religion and we consider Sachin Tendulkar as god. Unfortunately we don’t prioritise hockey being the national game but cricket comes first above all. Cricket is a part of our emotions and we bleed “blue”!

Keeping luggage on a seat

If anyone keeps luggage or bag or whatever be it then the seat is captured. You can’t sit on it. Often people says “You’re in my spot”. And, no one dare use it them.
Zebra Crossing:- Now this is noticeable only in India. Drivers over here have the tendency to stand as ahead as possible, waiting for the green signal.

Photos of deities

People put up photos of deities on building walls to prevent public urination. Nearly half of the population doesn’t have a toilet at home and public defecation is a huge problem. Indians are superstitious and they fear doing it. That’s why on many buildings and walls we can find pictures of deities.

Swallowing of live fish

The Goud family in India claims to have a homemade remedy for asthma that involves swallowing a live fish that is filled with a tightly guarded medicine.

Chilies are used as weapons

Indian military chose to turn the world’s hottest chilli, “bhut jolokia” or “ghost chilli” into a weapon.

Think twice before liking FB status

A woman named Shaheen Dhada posted a status on Facebook questioning a Mumbai “bandh” or shutdown, after the death of politician Bal Thackeray, known for using various forms of intimidation to achieve political ends. Her friend Renu Srinivasan liked the post. Both were arrested for their actions and the incident sparked a furor about the lack of freedom of speech in India.

Termites feast on the money

Now money is kept in bank lockers and safes but still termites wreaked havoc by eating through 10 million rupees at the Fatehpur branch of State Bank of India last year.

Over 100 languages are spoken here and not even one has the native word for dieting

This is very much true as people often use the term dieting instead of their native words. Whatever be it dieting comes to the mouth again and again and there’s no native word replacing it.
No matter what, this country will love you and is bound to make you fall in love. Truly there’s no place like India.

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