5 Indian Dishes That Non-Indians Love The Most

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Indian food is as numerous as its culture, from Kashmir to Kanya kumari in each and every nook of India you’ll be able to simply realize a spread of nice tastes and aromas. The sole similarity you’ll be able to realize in several foods is its constant delicious taste.

The food of India is standard not solely among the Indians, it’s noticeably desired among Non-Indians too. From the hot hot meals of Andhra to the Mughlai cuisines, Non-Indians too are infatuated with Indian tasty food.


Dosa is a native dish of South-India. It is a staple dish of the southern a part of country. It’s as healthy as tastier as a result of it comes with the goodness of pulses and fits in nearly any time of the day. You’ll notice many types of Dosa like ‘Masala Dosa’, ‘Butter Dosa’, ‘Onion Dosa’, ‘Spinach Dosa’ etc.



Chole Bhature falls under the North Indian Cusine. The dish is basically originated from the state of Punjab and today its widely love by both Indians and Non-Indians. It is the perfect anytime dish you can have. In the narrow streets of Old-Delhi, you can see how foreigners are crazy to eat ‘Chole-Bhature’.

Pani Puri

It is a most common snack of India, you can see the ‘Paani-Poori’ vendors trolling around in various streets of India. It has various names, in the cities of Northern part of India people call it ‘Gol Gappa’, whereas in South India it is popular as ‘Pani Puri’, in some other regions of India, it is called ‘Gup Chup’, while the old people of North-India call it ‘Paani k Batashe’. Its popularity is unbeatable, not only Indians even the Non-Indians too love to eat ‘Pani-Puri’.

Litti Chokha

‘Litti-Chokha’ is originated from the streets of Bihar. You may call it ‘Bihar’s Pride’. The famous novelist Chetan Bhagat once tweeted: “Litti chokha, a Bihari dish, totally needs to be available everywhere. Superb.”

I personally have witnessed the popularity of the dish in many national and international fairs. Its finger licking good.


A traditional syrupy dessert of Bengal but today the popularity of Rasogualla is speeded all over the country.  No matter whether you are traditionally connected with this dessert or not its delightful taste will leave everyone amazed with its taste.


Undoubtedly, when it comes to food, we cannot control our senses and cannot stop our mouth to get watered in front of Indian food. The abundant variety and lavish taste of every dish make Indian food outstanding. From the way of cooking to the style of serving Indian food attracts everyone.

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