No need of any introduction, a god to commemorate at every POP event, an apex which is harder to climb, a hunch which comes to the mind but is inconceivable – He is no other than the ‘POP KING OF THE WORLD’, ‘MICHAEL JACKSON’. His own-devised infamous Moonwalk, outlandish stage outfits and elegant style in his countenance, gestures, and postures, is still so godly and alienated to Commons. He is still considered an innovation, an inspiration, an intelligence in the so-not-ordinary society. He is a bold concept in the field of culture, love, and development. I know that neither words nor sentences can describe ‘Jackson’ even the slightest, and so my endeavor is futile. ‘He’ is a ‘feeling’ which if you try to feed then you won’t get success in it.

Sadly, this greatest epitome demised due to over-drugging in the blackest the year of 2009. Fans all over the world plunged into mourning in that gloomy day. It was like their heart had been cut out of their inner body and left it to burn. Their pain caused to Michael’s fans had made him ‘eternal’. ‘eternal’, ‘everlasting’, ‘undying’- which ever synonym suits him. He is considered to be still ‘ALIVE’ within us and he shows himself to whom who really crave for him. There have been many captured proofs of Michael’s still-existence. Let’s embark on some of these proofs of the very omnipresence of our ‘MICHAEL JACKSON’.

In Michael’s daughter’s birth day, he did lurk behind to wish her

On March 5 in the year 2016, Paris Jackson, Michael’s daughter uploaded the video and the picture of her selfie, which depicts someone with a brim-hat lurking on her back seat. Fans have a strong belief that the person is none other than Paris’s own father – ‘Michael Jackson’, who appeared just for the sake of wishing her on hitting ‘sweet 18’.

MJ’ is a time traveler which can be seen in an anonymous Egyptian painting

MJ has been dead for almost 8 years but he is still claimed to be alive and existing within us, which he would do by ‘Time Travelling’. Yes, stupid it might sound but is true, and has been claimed by a famous Youtube channel ‘Fact5’ by posting a picture of an anonymous uncanny Egyptian painting which looks just the same as our Michael. This is really a shocking but a great news for MJ’s insane fans-cum-activists.

A Portrait of a Young Man resembles another eerie instance of MJ’s time travel

This portrait was made by byBarentFabritius, which hangs in the StädelschesKunstinstitut in Frankfurt, Germany, was painted in the 1600s. Here the anonymous young man looks as-it-is as Michael and strengthens the proclamation of his existence by his addicted-fans. What a power he might be having! Just think what would you do if MJ in his own self-come to ask you for a glass of water…..

Jackson has been spotted sitting in a crowd and is claimed to be somewhere in Canada or Africa

A Youtube channel named, Full Anxiety Dude, nailed in his video showing MJ in a crowd wearing a cap and claimed that Michael is hiding somewhere in Canada and Africa. This picture was taken in the year 2016 but the venue of this photograph is still unknown.

Jackson walking out of the coroner’s van after his time of death

On June 25, 2009, Michael died due to acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication at his home on North Carolwood Drive in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles.Rumours of his death were faked were fuelled when TMZ published a video that they suggested was Jackson walking out of the coroner’s van after his time of death. The reason was told that he was desperately trying to escape the media attention surrounding his alleged involvement in child abuse.Since then, Fans have been denying the death of their Godfather severely.

These instances might look hoax to some skeptics. Moreover, these citations might really be a hoax. But to the lovers of MJ who are activists of his POP culture, these are their aid to live, sing and dance.

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