‘Procrastination has ‘expensive and visible’ consequences in today’s business world.”- This statement has been prevalent since the ‘Industrial Upliftment’, which can be found intermittently in all the business magazines and newspapers. But what this lengthy term ‘Procrastination’ really mean and what is its significance in one’s life? These questions have forcefully made a home in the brains of the chefs who run organizations. To resolve these types of questions, lots of organizations invest a grave amount of money every year (sometimes every month) to invite specialists, counselors, and corporate-cum-life-coaches. Procrastination has raced to one of the top rankers in the track of corporate issues. In one’s private life, procrastination is bearable and ignorable to some extent. But in the corporate sector, no one has the habit to subsist or spare on the ‘procrastination’ ground.It is a habit that has been circumscribing the whole world since the innovation of ‘time’. Let us get into the details of the same.

Firstly, what ‘Procrastination’ means? Procrastination is defined as ‘delaying or postponing any work, either in the job or in one’s private life’. By its meaning, all can understand that ‘this habit’ is really bad to the eyes of all and everyone. Benjamin Franklin once told- ‘You can delay but time won’t’. Obviously, this statement is cent percent true. Secondly, what is its significance? Procrastination

is a habit which is an outcome of lethargy. A nimble and quick-in-response person, who is super serious about his work or job, generally doesn’t possess the attitude of delaying or postponing.

Sometimes, procrastination hits those after a long journey of dedication and hardships, which doesn’t fetch them enough progress, or incentives. In short, people who have got bored of their routine-bound work, procrastinate. And we apparently avoid doing those works which give us no interest or valuable results. So, we can state that ‘Procrastination’ can be ‘work-generated’ or ‘self-generated’. Its output would really be dire to any organization’s structure and future-prospectus as well as to the career of a worker or an employee, employed in that organization. But with cons come pros and vice-versa. Yes, I’m getting audible as a non-sense but ‘Procrastination’ can eventually lead to some great and productive reports. Moreover, ‘Procrastination’ can be enjoyed by both the company’s boss and the company’s employee. Permit me to focus light on some great relevant stances.


It gives time to think and shoot with the best results

‘Procrastination’ is a tool which comes handy for both the employee and the employer as ‘it’ gives a lot of time to think, rethink and shoot the best which might prove to confer a desired or a required result. As delaying is done, a person is acquiring knowledge and facts to make any given work ‘the best’.


It renders scope to seek your own interest of work

If A person delays or cancels on the work, again and again,  it implies that he has no interest in that field. This happens to be a great finding and area-to-improve for the employee and his supervisors. People spend their life to know them and ‘Procrastination’ can assist them to seek it by themselves. What an irony!


It helps in fixing better excuses for the delay-done

As time passes and a person procrastinates, he tries to work on his brain to mold up a better excuse which might get acceptable and convincing to his supervisors. But this should not become a habit as in later stage that person would feel regretful for his consistent-deeds.


An employer (or a supervisor) are spared with time to think seriously and empathetically on his employee’s repetitive or rare postponing attitude.

As quoted earlier that ‘Procrastination’ is an unbearable offense in this so-busy business world, and if a job-holder does the same for an unexpectedly long period, his boss should have all the right to get super-duper angry. The heads really value the ‘time’ and that’s why they are heads. Procrastination can compel any one to take a drastic and severe decision like, eviction from the company, demoting to lower posts, etc. But what we don’t try to know that ‘delaying’ caused can buy that boss a great time to reprocess and think empathetically on the issue. Thus the way of management changes which humongously hike up the company’s response to the market as ‘more you understand your employee, the better you can draw out work from them’.


Procrastination can make a person billionaire

We all are hand-cuffed with the needs of the people around us more than the needs what our own self-craves. We might be craving for something else since our early adulthood but the society implicitly kicked us to the boat which we really don’t know to oar. Following your heart, living your dream can make a person cheerful in every way. It can make you billionaire like ‘steve Jobs’, ‘Mark Zakauberg’, ‘Bill Gates’ and much more, as this list never ends. ‘Procrastination’ have the potion to make your life upright. We as a human feels a damn repulsion for the work we detest and once we realize that point, we can paint things beautiful.



So guys, never leave to procrastinate as it can do miracles for you and any second person too.  But ‘excess of everything is bad’ and the idiom complies to ‘Procrastination’ in every nuance. Take your time but never allow time to take up yourselves .once the clock’s hands start to tick faster than your motion, you would start to sense something valuable is slipping away out of your very tight fist.


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