When you are not getting the result from the workout – It’s probably the worst feeling that you are perpetually hitting the gym to get back in shape since months but not getting any results. It can decrease your motivation of working out if your results have come to halt, it becomes difficult to carry the same spirit that you had in beginning. You’re following your trainer’s instructions, shunning post-work drinks for your scheduled gym session and you’re still not getting any faster, fitter or stronger. Unfair is an understatement. We’re here to save the day if you’re not seeing the gym results you’re after. So based on this context “6 reasons why you are not getting results from workout” shall be the epicenter of discussion. Let us see what are those.

You’re not following a plan

A plan is a key to achieving and maintaining results. It enables you to schedule exercise sessions into a busy routine without leaving that Monday evening workout to chance. You can also check at-a-glance if you’re ticking all the fitness boxes. It’s easy to let areas such as stretching slip if you leave planning until the last minute, and this could have a knock-on effect on the rest of your routine.

Rewarding yourself with food

You can replenish vital macro nutrients after your hard work – a protein shake with a banana; hummus and pitta, or yoghurt with fresh berries make for great, nutritious post-workout fuel, but rewarding yourself for that 40-minute stint on the cross trainer with a muffin is counter-productive, particularly if you’re trying hard to get that figure on the scales to shift. At best, you’ll have broken even.

Lack of persistence

Persistence is the key to success. Being persistent is the key to reaching your goals, even if that means you have to fight through weight and fitness plateaus. This is the main problem. Initially, everyone is motivated but with the flow very less survive, so is the case over here. Stay focused and keep making small changes every day. You are already getting somewhere by just thinking about wanting to make a change.

Rest days aren’t getting a look-in

Not getting enough rest can have a surprising effect on your results. As the body struggles with an overload of physical stress, you may well see a decrease in performance and results, and possibly even an increase in injuries.

You’re stressed

Chronic stress and negative emotions can make you overeat, not to mention overeat the wrong types of food. Learn to actively relax with meditation, yoga, deep breathing, or any other stress reducing techniques. So we should be very much cautious about this stress factor.

Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts suppresses a person from achieving goals and objectives. Having a positive attitude can go a long way. It helps you to reach your goals even in an easier fashion. Remember it takes only three days to see any types of change as slow and steady wins the race.

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