We have a list of picture perfect places that have unique spots for you to enjoy clicking. This list of India place is known for different genres of photographs. Every year, thousands of photo enthusiasts visit these places for a clicking holiday.


Yes, you need not be a photo enthusiast to know that Taj Mahal is a place for thousand pictures. The monument is a delight throughout the day. If you are looking for pictures, visit the monuments during sunrise and Sunset.



Take a boat ride on the Ganges and click randomly at the shore. You would have brilliant photographs. The place has a photogenic environment. The river, temples, ghats, rituals and every part of this place has an antique look. Many photographers try to capture this place in sepia mode.
The best of all is the morning ritual that happens on the banks of the river. A lot of photo enthusiasts wake up early in the morning to catch the empty streets and the rituals.



We shall start with the Golden temple. It will look like a giant glowing gold monument on the velvet waters in nightlight. In morning, you can click perfect pictures …
Other than this, Amritsar is filled with the picturesque place like Summer palace, ceremony at Wagah Border, Harike wetland and bird sanctuary and many others.
The ceremony at Wagah Border when the border between India and Pakistan closes every day is a wonderful treat. A lot of photographers visit this place to picture the army salute of the nations.



Starting from the port area of Mumbai to the river side of Mahabaleshwar, this state is filled with places that are idols to photo enthusiasts. You can take all genres of photographs in this state.
There are ancient temples, monuments, and water attractions, festivals filled with culture, islands, and others. The most important of all is the caves that you can find in this place. Ellora, Ajanta and Elephanta caves in this state are wonderful spot to take pictures
Ancient humans carved the caves into beautiful temples. A lot of people visit this caves for explorations and you can turn it into a photographic vacation.



It is the capital of West Bengal. Kolkata during Durga festival is a photographer’s heaven. You can click pictures of the statues being made, rituals and a lot of others. The Howrah Bridge at moonlight is another picture perfect spot.
The best of all is capturing Kolkatta in rain. The old building and roads in rainfall would make a great picture. Other places to select for photographic vacation are Esplanade, Kalighat temple, and Park Street.



I have been saving the best for the last. The backwaters, mountains, hill stations, beaches, culture, elephants, boat race, flowers and every other element of Kerala are picture perfect. Take a backwater cruise on a house boat and click to your heart’s content.


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