7 Reasons Why Guy Like To Date Girls Who Are Hard To Get

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Men love to play with the girls who are harder to get. We have seen several times in  movies and even in real life that guys love to date a girl who is different from others. However they can’t make someone fall for them. There are a number of cases where boys try to get on such girls to just challenge their ego but not every time. There could be many reasons behind dating someone.

Here are several reasons we can state to understand that why the guys like to date girls who are harder to approach.


Flaunt Attitude

Just To Win Some Bet From The Friends, Boys Go Beyond Their Limits. And Try To Approach The Most Hardest Girl around.


The Passion To Get Something Unique

It’s not bad to expect or wish to get the best one. So, few guys do their best to get a most unique partner but in the search they don’t actually understand the difference between love and passion. So, the girl they target can be mis-concepted as a love.


Compatibility ( As Per Their Own Nature)

It is like a blessing when one gets a partner who is most compatible. So, guys who are selective, they are not easy to get a partner. They seek out  the most suitable person to spend life. They are comparatively more serious than others and once they get, they become most comfortable.


To Challenge Their Fraternity

Boys who still think themselves superior than girls always try to pull girls down. It is not easy for them to accept girls as equal to them. The girls who are hard are independent, strong, focused and fearless which really make such boys feel challenged.


Male Egoism

The boys keep a thought in their minds that a girl is limited to kitchen and home  but when these girls only go out and do much better than males which show their self dependency and spirit to come over the ancient bench mark, it hurts the male ego.


Changing Perspective Towards Girls

Since independence the girls have proved themselves to the great extent which has brought a revolution in the society and thus changed the perspective towards them. The entire world has considered the females as a supporting tool for running the society well.


To Be With A Partner Who Is Self-Dependent

Anyone will love to be with a partner who is self-dependent and can also be a supporting system at times. Boys love to date such harder girls with great spirit who love to live the life at their own conditions.


As every coin has two sides, both negative and positive, likewise the philosophy of male fraternity towards female fraternity has got changed many fold. There are many reasons behind dating traits by a man, maybe he genuinely feels for the girl or just trying to get on her for his ego, to showing off among his friends or for his other physical needs.

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