Sanjay Dutt

Bollywood’s Munnabhai addiction to drugs and alcohol has cost him a lot. He ruined his career due to this addiction. It is believed that Sanjay Dutt was in love with Tina Munim who left him due to his addiction. He himself confessed that he was addicted to alcohol for 9 long years. The once-handsome hunk told about his upcoming biopic and his insane drug-filled past. Mr. Sanjay Dutta said about his past including talking about his drug addiction, in the interview, that,“It is important to understand that it is an illness and requires treatment. I was already on drugs when my mother was being treated for cancer. Rocky (his debut film) was being made and I remember that I was so addicted that once I traveled with 1kg heroin hidden in my shoes. My two sisters were also with me on the same flight. At that time, checking at airports was not so strict. Today, when I think about the incident, I get scared. Main pakda jaata toh theek tha, but what about my sisters? Drugs do this to you. You don’t care about family or anything else.“


Ranbir Kapoor

In an interview with Indian Today, Ranbir Kapoor admitted to having done his fair share of the pot (marijuana) during his days at the film school. He said he later tried it during Rockstar as an acting tool to focus better.Ranbir Kapoor who has been a die-hard fan of superstar Sanjay Dutt is preparing to enact in his struggling-biopic which is being directed by Rajkumar Hirani. In an interview with filmmaker RK, said that “The biopic that Rajkumar Hirani is making will teach you something. It will talk about human flaws, the emotional father-son story (between Sanjay and the late Sunil Dutt), his relationship with his best friend, with the women in his life. It’s emotional, it’s funny, it’s sad, it’s bittersweet. The youth have a lot to learn from Sanjay’s-mistakes.”


Honey Singh

The rapper-cum-star singer, with in-numerous hits to his name, got addicted to alcohol and drugs when he was at the peak of his career. YoYo Honey Singh was in rehabilitation center sometime back. He was missing in action and was out of the media eye too. His journey and struggle from drug abuse stand a testimony to human courage and determination. In the interview was duly granted to Times of India and the 32-year-old star reveals that it wasn’t an addiction that retired him temporarily but a struggle with bipolar disorder. Soon our ‘Brown Rang’ Rapper is expected to be seen in Punjabi film Zorawar, the singer-turned-actor revealed that for a year he did not respond to the medication. “At one point, I thought I would live in this darkness forever. I had cut myself off from everyone. I didn’t come out of my room, forget to step out of the house. I had a beard and I didn’t get a haircut for months. For someone who has performed in front of a crowd of 20,000, I was scared of facing 4-5 people. That’s what bipolar disorder does to you,” he said in the interview.”


Prateek Babbar

Unlike some really successful star kids who have been struggling hard couldn’t hit on the dart till now. And one such instance is Prateek Babbar.The boy, who inherited the best genes of icons Smita Patil and Raj Babbar, could’ve got the best in life too, but that wasn’t the case. Prateik soon took to drugs and it only looked impossible to give it all away. On an interview with The Indian Express, he said, “My struggle with drugs started before high school. Sports and music were constructive escapes for a while, but, they could only suffice for so long. My first real drug was a disturbed childhood. Constantly faced with the internal dilemma, the voices in my head debating where I belong and who I am, drugs came disguised as a glitzy escape. As years went by, I got acquainted with the narcotic underbelly, which led me to my first run-in with drugs at the age of 13,” Prateik said in a bare-all post in Mid-Day.”

Gauri Khan

Gauri Khan, wife of King Khan – Shah Rukh Khan – was once allegedly held at the Berlin airport for possession of Marijuana. This 43-year-old star wife in an interview with a celebrity/lifestyle magazine has apparently rubbished all such drug addiction rumors. The elegance personified designer revealed in that interview that she finds such baseless allegations disgusting and vile. But is quick to add that these things don`t really bother or affect her much.‘She is not just a trophy wife but has her own standing in terms of a successful designer business to take care of. Gauri along with Sussanne Khan run `The Charcoal Project`, a furniture store in Mumbai. The woman who manages home, kids, SRK and his production house, besides her own professional commitments, doesn`t really have the time to invest in such rumors.’


Sussanne Khan

Another shocking name to this list is that of Sussanne Khan, former wife of Hrithik Roshan. Sussanne not only comes from a reputable family but also belongs to a high-class professional business interior designer. Accordingly to reports, Sussanne’s drug addictions habits was said to be one of the main culprits of her divorce with Hrithik. The famous couple was officially separated by the Bandra family court in Mumbai on 1st November 2014. She has been partnered in a business venture with Gauri Khan and both have been rewarded with the tag name of- ‘POWER WIVES’.


Manisha Koirala

The actress has done many powerful roles like Bombay, Dil Se, Agni Sakshi and so on in her film career. After debuting with the blockbuster Saudagar in 1991, the actress has done many memorable films for which she has garnered many awards and accolades. However, the beautiful Manisha Koirala was addicted to alcohol and drugs so much that she was simply unrecognizable at parties. Her addiction led to ovarian cancer which opened her eyes. She went through a tremendous amount of pain during this period. And finally, she defeated cancer with all her might. Now, she has completely quit drugs and alcohol and is an anti-drug campaigner who works towards raising awareness against the consumption of drugs.


Fardeen Khan

Our Soft-spoken and cute Fardeen Khan who has been off from the Film Industry for some time now. Drugs have not let even him flee away from its clutches. In an interview with The Times of India, Fardeen says he has kicked all addiction except one. “I am hopelessly addicted to my family…. My mom, sister, my wife, my in-laws, my cousins, uncles…They are my strength. They’ve been my support through all these trying times.”
The actor who has lately been shrouded in troubles warns against substance abuse. “Any mind-altering substance whether it’s narcotics or alcohol or prescription pills creates a lethal dependency. Before you know it you’re sucked into a downward spiral. The idea of any addiction is very damaging. People have all kinds of weird addiction, even shopping. My only addiction is the love of my family.They’re my life-supporting system. Please educate yourself vis-a-vis the consequences of whatever you are experimenting with. Addiction is not cool.”

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