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Larger than life, this is a phrase that has become synonymous with movies. When we go to see a movie we want to forget our worries and concerns and have a good time. And sometimes movies take you to a new world altogether leaving you enthralled and mesmerized. Jagga Jasoos was that type of movie- picturesque, fairy tale like, good hearted and larger than life. For its entire duration of two hours and forty-one minutes I completely forget who I was and where I was and lost myself to Jagga’s  (played by Ranbir Kapoor) journey.


The movie had endearing characters, lovely music, magnificent cinematography, unexampled screenplay and direction and an earnest performance by the cast. Unfortunately it was able to collect around 80 crores at the box office against its making cost of 131 crores making it a flop. The news is pretty saddening for someone like me for whom Jagga Jasoos was everything a movie should be. It had its drawbacks; but it was a great movie all in all.


Lets begin with the screenplay. The film gets its larger than large life persona from its writing. The film takes you from a missing father to the Purulia Arms Drop incident and to saving the world ultimately. Some may find the writing too wide in scope and too far-fetched, but it was unique and tries to blur the line between cartoons and real life interestingly.


Next comes the direction. Although Anurag Basu falters a bit with the writing, he more than covers up for it in the direction. The tintin inspired frames and musical style add enthralling and mesmerizing angles to the film. The movie has been kept real with its well-etched characters and their story and emotions. One thing worth mentioning is the portrayal of the eccentric but loving relationship between Jagga and his adoptive father.


The biggest asset of the movie is its amazing cinematography. Each and every frame is hypnotic. Kudos to S. Ravi Varman!


Its strong cast and their performances further support the movie. Ranbir Kapoor as the orphaned boy looking for his adoptive father is outstanding. The well-written character and his natural acting make you fall in love with Jagga. The actor playing young Jagga is also as good, if not better than Ranbir and provides able support to Ranbir in building the character. Saswata Chatterjee playing Jagga’s adoptive father to has given a superb performance as the accident-prone professor.


Jagga Jasoos is a musical. And as we all know, a musical is nothing without good music. Composed by Pritam, music is hummable and catchy. Lyricists Amithabh Bhattacharya and Neelesh Mishra have given lovely hummable lyrics that stay with you long after the movie ends.


The drawbacks of the movie are editing, widespread screenplay and Katrina Kaif’s lackluster performance as Jagga’s accomplice and love interest, Shruti.


Jagga Jasoos is Bollywood’s entry into fantasy- fairyland genre of cinema. The audience’s lukewarm response is therefore all the more disappointing. This genre is well received in the west and my personal favorite. And audience’s lukewarm response means Bollywood will not come up with these type of movies for a long time. Alas! I will have to content myself with the western movies of this genre.


Thank you for reading and have a nice day.


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