Father and mother, both are the precious treasure that anyone can have. Without them we are nothing, really their love, care, blessings, support, everything which they give is what every person should seek for. Right from birth, we see our mother taking care of each and everything of us but our father doesn’t take the role of mother. Well, he’s also toiling hard day and night to ensure that the family is safe and secure as well as to ensure a bright future for their wards. Whenever we ask for anything starting from mobiles, laptops to foods father takes the leading role in fulfilling all the wishes and demands because for them their ward’s happiness is all they want.

Constantly he’s sacrificing his own needs and giving priority to what his child says. His position is irreplaceable, even if we think of repaying everything that our parents did for us by any means still that wouldn’t be enough for their contribution is immense and none can’t match it. We human beings often try to show off contribution and sacrifices made but there’s an exception when it comes to parents because they keep everything secret to their child. The word secret suggests that whatever be the situation whatever be the problem of any kind parents always fulfill the needs of their child, they don’t flush out the problems and harsh realities that they faced, all they focus on fulfilling the demands. Behind every person’s success lies his/her parent’s sacrifice, their constant sacrifices. These sacrifices are untold and recede in the background forever. They are equivalent to GOD.


We talked about parents in the previous paragraph. Unfortunately, many of us are orphans, some don’t have either father or mother. Alas! These poor fellows are deprived of eternal peace which is nothing but parents love, their love is unconditional truly. It really hurts when you don’t have either of them because both of them are equally important and above all any human being is incomplete without them. Now worst case is when you are an orphan because you don’t have any support and whole life you have to struggle. Really when they are out of home, the house seems to be empty, and the thought of without parents by our side haunts us rather it’s painful – it makes us think that now we are on our own and no one’s going to be on our side when we are in trouble, who will love us? Who will care for us? Who will prepare foods for us?….Everyone gets married but I bet no one could love like parents love their child.


Today the topic is unique. The topic is all about the reflection of feelings and emotions of a girl for her father. Everyone is of the view that it takes a mother to look after the child, but in reality, there are lots of single men toiling hard to earn respect as able and solid guardians. But today we will focus mainly on a daughter’s heartwarming letter to her single father, thanking him heartily and making other people realize how important it is to appreciate our parents. The letter ends with a beautifully written thank you note that will remind you of all the little things your parents have done for you. The girl over here poured love for her father constantly thanking him for being with her always. So let’s look up at what she says.


To My Dear Single Dad,

It was a cold Sunday evening when I along with you entered in a pastry shop and saw another girl with her mom who was pampering her daughter a lot which fascinated me that made reminded me of my ‘Mother’. But Dad, you suddenly started pampering me in the same fashion as the mother was pampering her daughter. At that moment I missed my mom a lot but in the very next second, you proved that I am not alone here.


Mumma is not with me anymore and society will call me a daughter of a single father but I would like to call myself a daughter of a man who himself is equal to both father and mother. While the world believes that none can love a girl more than her mother, here I and my father both of us stand solidly against this fact because my father loves me more than a mother can do. Your love for me never made me feel short of a mother’s love, never felt something is missing out. You are the best as you fulfilled both roles and ensured that my childhood was as normal as possible. Periods, shaving, broken hearts, catty girlfriends – you took everything like a champ.


Never for a single time you failed, be it preparing me for school or some party. The way you prepare me in morning, from making my braid and cooking my lunch, then rushing to work every day and coming out as the best employee, everything makes you my super hero.


You may not be my mother, but one thing is for sure that you are the best daddy on this planet. THANK YOU for everything you did for me, THANK YOU for never being embarrassed about handling girlish things you had to handle for me, THANK YOU for never making me hesitate in front of you and THANK YOU for never leaving my side. I promise you to be your perfect daughter and your best friend for life. None wants to grow without a mother by their side but growing with a father like you is the best part of my life.




The Daughter Of A Single Father


Lastly one thank you poem by a daughter to her father.


“No matter where I go

No matter what I become

I can always seek peace

By holding my daddy’s thumb

No matter what I do

No matter how I am

I can always find support

In my dad, who is a gem


Thanks for everything dad!”

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