Girls in this changing era are always been told, “start earning. Be independent.” so, they study to get job and live independent life.

During student period they take tuitions or part time work to earn.Then after studies they take full time job. Some get married then take a job, some continue even after marriage.Everything is really nice.But, don’t you think we need to think again. Does earning alone makes you independent? Really?Because you are able to pay your bills only this gives feel of independent girl. Think! Really? .

No, earning alone doesn’t make you feel independent. If you feel so, than I guess that’s a peace to your ego. You work, you earn So, no one can have dare to say you are not independent . That’s totally wrong. .
Another way that makes you feel independent could be if you are allowed to travel or move around city alone. Is that so ? Again a wrong point.Travelling alone or by self could be a need or experience. If someone accompanies you that doesn’t make you less of independent. It’s their care or may be just the matter of company.

Just because you know to cook doesn’t make you less of independent . In fact feel great about it you are never going to sleep hungry in absence of someone who knows to cook.Just an example There may be many housewives those are independent.

Being Independent is the perfect blend of outdoor and indoor activities you do in day today life. It is the confidence that you carry in doing everything you like and the curve on your face that blows people’s mind. And so,  there are many such things that can make you feel independent .

Being Independent is the way of living life. It’s a personality that you carry. It’s a decision that you choose.Earning, travelling, taking stands for yourself are diamonds that’s adds beauty to your INDEPENDENT life. .

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