When the time comes to choose the career, then most of the time irrespective of gender we assess career opportunities on the basis of how well that job fits into our comfort zone rather than how well we can fit into that particular job. Most of the times we prioritize “job” and not a career and we end up spending whole life between ‘Monday Morning Blues’ and ‘Thank God it’s a Friday’ terms. We people generally like to stay in comfort zone and when the time comes to step out of it and take challenges especially at workplace we generally put forward a long list of excuses which becomes the hindrance at the prospect of picking up an exciting career.


There’s nothing wrong with choosing a career which ensures a steady income and in addition to that a steady life but if it’s chosen at the cost of sacrificing own dreams and thoughts then the decision chosen isn’t worthy. It makes you wake up early with an expression of “Oh God! One more day to the office!” and I bet this kind of job won’t make you satisfied at the end of the day. Life is more like a jigsaw puzzle where all pieces are joined correctly with the exception of a single piece which gives us a feeling of “incompleteness”. This feeling is a high time to replace the wrongly added piece with right one, called as “career”.


Now before I proceed with the main topic I would like to tell you a story of IPS officers from Assam and they are Yamin Hazarika and Sanjukta Parashar. Now what’s more inspiring that they are girls and girls in this orthodox Indian families are suppressed to fly freely. They have broken career stereotypes for women. We always think of safety in terms of psychology and physical pain and we end up being in the safe cocoon which doesn’t let us learn the art of flying free.

In the case of Sanjukta Parashar, she got the chance of becoming an IAS officer but she opts for becoming an IPS officer. She just wanted to serve the society and motherland for the welfare of us. In an interview, she said, “Gender is in the mind. There’s never any constraints anywhere. So long as the mind and body are in sync and you know where your heart is, the concept of gender doesn’t exist. We are all officers who are required to do the job. If the job is tougher than train yourself to get tougher.”


Next time when you think about opting for your dream career and your mind, as well as society, is acting as a hindrance then just think of these women who took passion seriously and broken career stereotypes.


So in keeping mind about the context of breaking career stereotypes “Breaking the stereotypes, new careers you can opt for” shall be the epicenter of discussion.

Stand up comedian

Right from the very beginning, only men were dominant in this field. The whole nation laughed at candidates who participated in comedy shows aired on TV. But there was no lady in this domain. Then there was one season where a female stand up comedian captured our hearts and became one of the most loved faces of the Indian television industry. She’s none but Bharti Singh, a talented person who is a pro at comedy. Now she’s inspiration not only for girls but also for boys to take up comedy as a profession. Earlier there were demands for male candidates now the industry is seeking for more and more female comedians. There are many iconic faces in the world of comedy such as Kapil Sharma, Raju Srivastava, Johny Lever, Sunil Pal, Sunil Grover etc. Now what’s even more exciting is there is a number of private comedy shows coming up and one big example is Comedy nights with Kapil and this show is a big hit right from its inception. It is due to their impact that changed the whole scenario of Indian stand up comedy.


Sports Journalist

The articles present in last few pages of newspapers are written mostly by men. Conventional media has got lots of women journalists but hardly any women took up sports journalism as the career option. From very beginning men dominated this field but now the scenario is something else. Lots of women are taking up this job. Mayanti Langer is a perfect example. She redefined the role of women in this domain. She’s a sports journalist with ESPN, she too likes football and she even hosted FIFA 2010, Commonwealth games and 2011 WC. She’s a true inspiration for the young girls to take up sports journalism as the career.



Ever since a child born, he/she is encouraged to follow hobbies that suit the gender. Suppose a boy would play cricket, football etc and on the other hand girls take up dance. Time changes so also people. Over the years we have seen that women took up some of the male dominated career options and are excelling well in life. One such example is Mary Kom. She needs no introduction and she’s a five-time champion in boxing. Kom is the only one to have won the medal in six boxing world championships. The 31-year-old lady surely made us proud and opened gates not only for girls but also for boys to take up boxing as the career option.



When it comes to mountaineering than one name comes to our mind, Bachendri Pal. But very few people opt for this kind of unconventional career path. Climbing the highest peaks, beating extreme climate requires a huge amount of perseverance and the will to do it otherwise it’s not possible. But Bachendri overcame it due to which people got inspired and they started to believe in themselves. So we see many people joining this unconventional career path.


Wine Tasters

Sommeliers have been an important part of food culture across the world. Everyone considers women as the kitchen queen in a household but it is very much strange that mostly men dominate this field and most of the chefs and wine tasters are men. And yet again in this domain, we see a successful lady and now this time she’s Sovna Puri. She became passionate about at a very young age and went on to acquire a degree in this field. She worked with Sula, one of the most popular wine brands in India. She said, “It is a great feeling. It was indeed challenging, but once you are really passionate about something, the journey along with its ups and downs is completely worth it!”


Actually, there’s no rush. One should definitely consult with his/her parents before choosing one. Now another important note which everyone should take into account that passion should be prioritized first then everything else comes second. If one is led by passion and follows it then he/she is bound to succeed in life. Parents should consider what their wards say. They should allow their wards to grow freely and take up the career that excites them and gives them the satisfaction which they want. 

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