Tourism in India

Tourism in India is rather very limited or is in its infant phase though there is a lot of potential the most practiced form of Tourism in India is Religious Tourism which is usually done by all members of family and when it comes to travelling individually or with a Continue Reading

Married or single-what’s important happiness or togetherness?

This is the story of a couple who are married from past 10 years that end up as the heartbreaking story even love lights up when they got apart from each other forever…. A couple living with their son as usual like many other families but without love between them. Continue Reading

Confessions of a failed entrepreneur- III

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To many, the thought of being an entrepreneur sounds exciting. But so does the thought of a becoming a movie star to many. Becoming an successful entrepreneur is somewhat like becoming a movie star. While the probability of becoming a successful movie star is really low, almost one in a Continue Reading

Being Independent!! .

Girls in this changing era are always been told, “start earning. Be independent.” so, they study to get job and live independent life. During student period they take tuitions or part time work to earn.Then after studies they take full time job. Some get married then take a job, some Continue Reading

7 Traits About The People Who Born In October

The month of October is ruled by the zodiac sign Libra, though each individual is having different traits depending on their birth month, star positions. But people those are influenced by the sun sign of Libra are quite different than others. It has been said that individuals are born in Continue Reading

Our World v/s Our Nation

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I don’t understand the concept of nationalism. I don’t feel patriotic when I hear the National Anthem. Does that make me a bad person? Why is it so important?   Beginning from school, our minds are fed we are taught about patriotism, we are told how important it is to Continue Reading

The turning your life around story- II

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I am a MBA graduate from a tier-I college. About a year ago, I quit my well paying job in Mumbai to move to Bangalore post my marriage. My husband, also a tier I MBA is working as the Marketing Manager of an IT start-up in Bangalore. When I quit Continue Reading

Bang Bai Mai Surat Thani Thailand คลองร้อยสาย บางใบไม้

Surat Thani, Thailand is close to the Tapi river that’s why most people use boat as mode of transportation and for some uses this as a tourist activity. Today, August 27,2017. My friend invited me for a little tour around the Bang Bai Mai via Boat. We rented the boat Continue Reading

5 Tips to Help You Plan a Budget Friendly Trip With Kids

5 Tips to Help You Plan a Budget Friendly Trip With Kids This year we decided to take a family trip to the beach. We started figuring out logistics. How long are we going to stay? Where are we staying? Who are we inviting? What is our budget? I know Continue Reading