How games can help students learn better?

Initially, video games were not designed with an educational purpose, even because of their provocative and diverting nature, video games have developed a negative image among parents. But today the Prominent learning theorists, including Lev Vygotsky, Jean Piaget, and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, have emphasized the importance of games in the physical Continue Reading

Where Did Dinosaurs Come From ?????

When I was growing up I absolutely loved the lavishly illustrated Cartoon Series, so I loved to watched Flinestone ; There was a character named called Dino The Big question Came on my mind Where Did Dinosaurs Come From??? While on Curiosity; I read many articles and Books ;so article Continue Reading

Superheroes with their MotorCycles | Childhood days back

All of us have seen in movies or read about many superheroes in comics/magazines but while reading those comics/magazines, did anyone thought of riding them in MotorCycles and competing with other different superheroes in a dirt track. If you see this video you will get to know  how they rides Continue Reading

Lost Disney Characters You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Read More:Lost Disney Characters You’ve Probably Never Heard Of |

Disney A Disney animated feature goes through several edits and re-writes before it ever makes it to the big screen. Sometimes for the better — without cuts, we would’ve seen a comical turkey voiced by John Candy in ‘Pocahontas.’ Here are 10 Disney characters who join Redfeather in the league Continue Reading