‘Everyone needs a job’- anyone competent or incompetent demands and wishes to have a minimum salary providing the job, for his subsistence. ‘JOB’ is the ship which can assist to set in a voyage to fulfill one’s dream or goal. Recently, Recessions and inflation have set the job market Continue Reading

Breaking The Stereotype, New Careers You Can Opt For!!!

When the time comes to choose the career, then most of the time irrespective of gender we assess career opportunities on the basis of how well that job fits into our comfort zone rather than how well we can fit into that particular job. Most of the times we prioritize Continue Reading

These Signs Say It’s High Time To Leave The Job You Are Doing

Do you remember the last happy day that you have had at your workplace or did you ever experience a day full of joy while working? Do you really like working at that place where you are? Bad and Good days are a part of our daily lives but does Continue Reading

The Ugly Truth about GDP and Economic Factors : WAKE UP TO REALITY

What’s GDP all about? GDP is considered as a tool to measure the country’s economic well-being which is determined by the market value of all the goods and services produced within a country and it has been used since 1934. But in today’s scenario, we would argue as such measures Continue Reading