‘Everyone needs a job’- anyone competent or incompetent demands and wishes to have a minimum salary providing the job, for his subsistence. ‘JOB’ is the ship which can assist to set in a voyage to fulfill one’s dream or goal. Recently, Recessions and inflation have set the job market Continue Reading


‘Procrastination has ‘expensive and visible’ consequences in today’s business world.”- This statement has been prevalent since the ‘Industrial Upliftment’, which can be found intermittently in all the business magazines and newspapers. But what this lengthy term ‘Procrastination’ really mean and what is its significance in one’s life? These questions have Continue Reading

Breaking The Stereotype, New Careers You Can Opt For!!!

When the time comes to choose the career, then most of the time irrespective of gender we assess career opportunities on the basis of how well that job fits into our comfort zone rather than how well we can fit into that particular job. Most of the times we prioritize Continue Reading

Dying Profession In India That We Would Love To Revive

Dying Profession In India

If we look over few past decades, India has become more emergent, developed and modern. Today, thing has became easier and more accessible due to newest technologies. From shopping for the biggest or tiniest things to human action to a different corner of world is in our hands. During this fashionable Republic of India, we have a tendency to reside in an Continue Reading

Country Racism Hypocrisy – By Achla

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20th January 2017 is the day Donald Trump became president of the United States. There were at least five status updates in my Facebook news feed condemning his election as the president of United States.  Of the things criticized about him, racism tops the list. Donald Trump may be a Continue Reading

Parents Has to Take Care : 6 Most Common Problems That Every Teenager Faces

Problems are a part of life. There’s no human being that did not face any problem in their life. We regularly face problems but that may be a small matter or it might be a big issue. Problems arise and we human beings tackle it in order to overcome, ultimately Continue Reading

6 Perks Of Studying Abroad That Will Electrify You To Go There : MY Thoughts !!!

Everyone in this world is unique so also their thoughts and perceptions towards the world. People thrive for more and more success. It is believed that if people go abroad then their life would be settled and would lead a much more comfortable life. For most of the cases, it Continue Reading

MODERN Education Vs ANCIENT Times

Education is the process of learning, or transfer of knowledge, skills, values, etc from one person to another. Generally the learner turns out to be younger compared to teacher but in few cases learner appears to be older than teacher. Most of the time the education process is carried out Continue Reading