7 Most Dangerous Food Combinations That You May Not Aware About

It is not surprising if I say that there are some food combinations that may harm you to the death. Yes, there are certain combinations that we should avoid. We tend to take in wrong kinds of food for many reasons – like the so-called laziness, craving for junk and Continue Reading

The Secret Of Toned Body!

Tired of chasing a toned figure? Sure, you must be fascinated by the toned body of our celebrities woman and always seek to know some workout and dieting advice about them. You are doing hard core exercise and dieting to lose the extra fat out of your bulky physique but Continue Reading

6 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Results From Your Workout

When you are not getting the result from the workout – It’s probably the worst feeling that you are perpetually hitting the gym to get back in shape since months but not getting any results. It can decrease your motivation of working out if your results have come to halt, Continue Reading

7 Reasons Why Guy Like To Date Girls Who Are Hard To Get

Men love to play with the girls who are harder to get. We have seen several times in  movies and even in real life that guys love to date a girl who is different from others. However they can’t make someone fall for them. There are a number of cases Continue Reading

Eating These 5 Foods Will Keep You Away From Fat

Healthy breakfast is like a fuel to our body which helps to kick starts the metabolism. But, being a Delhi girl I always have seen my family eating heavy paranthas for breakfast, I have seen the variety of food that too loaded with extra butter. No matter what, we just need a Continue Reading

Importance Of Yoga Training At Workplace

Yoga is a time-tested practice to heal your body. It gives you physical as well as mental peace. It has almost prevention and treatment for every possible disease. The emerging trend of yoga is even finding its place in our workplace. In fact, the demand for yoga trainers is increasing Continue Reading

Heaven, Hell and Karma – Are all Interlinked with each other ???

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  Most of the religions have used the concepts of heaven and hell to lure and scare people respectively. These have been used as tools to discipline mankind. And the concept of heaven and hell has worked to a large extent. But in today’s times, the appeal of heaven or Continue Reading


‘Health is wealth’- the wealth which remains with you till the demise; the wealth which never does you any harm; the wealth which reconciles you with yourself and others; the wealth which can bring you the peace and all joys of life without getting deteriorated. What a miracle this ‘Health’ Continue Reading

Inter-faith, Inter-nationality & Gay Marriages- By Achla C

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Recently a US based Indian women Kalavati Mistry married an American woman Miriam Jefferson in the UK. The Indian woman is Hindu and the American woman is Jewish making the marriage UK’s first interfaith lesbian marriage. The two met at a training course in America and have been together for Continue Reading