6 Supporting Characters Who Deserve A Movie Of The

We always talk about Bollywood heroes and heroines. But now this time we need to focus about those who play a supporting role and ultimately all the credit goes only to the protagonist. In most of the Bollywood movies, the supporting characters add a lot to the film’s layered narrative Continue Reading

These Are The Only 6 Directors With No Flop Record

Bollywood is a star-driven industry, wherein the actor and actresses steal all the credit of every super hit movie. We often analyze the success ratio of a movie on the basis of actor’s performances but there is a plenty of people who put effort in making a movie successful. Along Continue Reading

‘Behind The Camera’: The Seedy Backstage Life Of China’s Underground Club Scene

“I realized how many great things were going on, and that’s how the series ‘Behind the Scenes’  was born.” Ukrainian artist Sergey Melnitchenko first came to Chengdu a city of China in 2015. Back then he made his living by working as a model and dancer. His origin is from Continue Reading

How Is The Relationship Of These Bollywood Actresses With Their Step Kids

Mothers always play a major role in a person’s life. But for a step mom, it is not easy to get along with their partner’s kids. The image of step moms in our society is always thought to be a little wicked. Acrimony between children and their step moms is Continue Reading

Pink : Sisterhood

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The movie Pink, has made a lot of noise for all the right reasons. It depicts major and minor issues that women face every day in a realistic manner. It establishes the point, NO means NO, something that even many highly educated people have yet not understood, very lucidly. It Continue Reading

Indian Film Festival of Melbourne

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Indian’s comprise about one-fifth of the world’s population. And Indians are everywhere. They have immigrated to and/ or settled in every continent in the world. But you can take an Indian out of India but cannot take India out of an Indian. So wherever they go, they carry a mini Continue Reading

The underrated movies of Bollywood – Jagga Jasoos_ By Achla C

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Larger than life, this is a phrase that has become synonymous with movies. When we go to see a movie we want to forget our worries and concerns and have a good time. And sometimes movies take you to a new world altogether leaving you enthralled and mesmerized. Jagga Jasoos Continue Reading

Underrated Movies of Bollywood

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One-sided love stories are not popular in movies. It does not come as a surprise; because all of us, and that includes the pessimists too, love happy endings.  After all, we have real life for the not so happy endings.   But a recent movie based on one-sided love and Continue Reading

Johnny Lever: A Person from Rags to Riches

John Rao or popularly known as Johnny Lever who was born in Andhra Pradesh and was brought up in Mumbai’s King’s Circle area is an Indian film actor and one of the most recognized comedians in Indian cinema. He is one of the first stand-up comedians in India and has Continue Reading

Funniest Acceptance Speech Ever_ “KHILADI” Player Of Bollywood

Acceptance speeches are always boring. We get to hear the same stuff  – I thank so and so for their help and support, blah blah. Very rarely do we hear something different or a funny. And when something different comes up, it is hard to forget.Recently held fashion awards witnessed Continue Reading