No need of any introduction, a god to commemorate at every POP event, an apex which is harder to climb, a hunch which comes to the mind but is inconceivable – He is no other than the ‘POP KING OF THE WORLD’, ‘MICHAEL JACKSON’. His own-devised infamous Moonwalk, outlandish stage Continue Reading

Mr.Varun Agarwal-The source of inspiration to the youth

It was 2016 March, when I was too depressed leading a typical frustrated engineering student’s life with no interest in studies.I was having a bad phase of my life since I left my hometown in 2013.Each morning when I used to get up from my bed, I prayed to God that Continue Reading

The Singhania Family Feud

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  There are two feuds going on in the same family. The first is between ex-MD of Raymond Vijaypath Singhania and his younger son, current CMD of Raymond. The second feud is between Vijaypath Singhania and the four children of his estranged elder son Madhupati Singhania. The ongoing feuds have Continue Reading

The day I got lucky !!! Is It SO ???- By Achla C

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I succeeded in reaching office on time on the first day. As I had worked in the IT sector, the office didn’t charm me as much as it would have charmed a fresher. I met my boss, a man, older than me by a year or two, graduated from a Continue Reading


“How can I become more confident while talking to people?” – It is a grave and interesting question which is potent enough to entice all the age groups of today’s world, but importantly adults and the working class. The world is being driven by diplomats and great spokespersons, and they Continue Reading

Independent India – “Famous Quotes” by our Freedom Fighters

India is a country where people live freely with different religions, language, caste, and creed stays together in harmony. India is a truly secular and diverse country which is united in its own. Independence day is the great day for the people of India as Indians got freedom on this Continue Reading

These Signs Say It’s High Time To Leave The Job You Are Doing

Do you remember the last happy day that you have had at your workplace or did you ever experience a day full of joy while working? Do you really like working at that place where you are? Bad and Good days are a part of our daily lives but does Continue Reading

The Turning Your Life Around story : By Achla

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  My mother is a widowed housewife. Fortunately my father was a saver and she is financially stable. But nevertheless she is companionless and lonely. She volunteers at a NGO, Prayas. Prayas runs pavement schools for underprivileged children who receive inadequate or no access to education. Prayas has some 250 Continue Reading

Confessions of a failed entrepreneur- II

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— Continued From Confessions of a failed entrepreneur- I   Like many of you, I too was awed by the world of start-ups until I started one of my own. I started a business, it did not work out, lost my hard earned savings and now I stand before you, Continue Reading

Johnny Lever: A Person from Rags to Riches

John Rao or popularly known as Johnny Lever who was born in Andhra Pradesh and was brought up in Mumbai’s King’s Circle area is an Indian film actor and one of the most recognized comedians in Indian cinema. He is one of the first stand-up comedians in India and has Continue Reading