On the Boat in the Backwaters_ Kerala

A national geographic survey had put the “Backwaters of Kerala” ahead of Tajmahal on the list of places to see before you die. It is emerging as a nature tourism hotspot of the millennium as it spreads a unique tourist menu before the discriminating tourist and presents a true initiation Continue Reading

Why Does the Leaning Tower of Pisa Lean?

In 1172, Donna Berta di Bernardo donated sixty silver coins to the local cathedral for the purchase of stones to be used in the base of a new bell tower. The next year, construction on the tower began and almost immediately there were problems. The tower site sat on soft Continue Reading

Here are the 10 Smallest Countries in the World

There are 195 countries in this world. That is unless you count Taiwan (which some countries, such as America, don’t). Then you would say the world has 196 countries. Every single one of the 196 countries has their own centralized governments. That is what ultimately sets one country a part from Continue Reading

North India !!!! Top places to Visit with your Best Buddy !!!!

A friend in need is a friend indeed.’ How often do you realize this saying? The answer would be almost each and every moment of your life! When you are with your friends; especially the best ones, everything seems to be more vibrant, livelier and cheerful. When you are in Continue Reading

9 Benefits of Photography…..

With the proper camera and vision, photography can make your life much better. Below are just a few of the many benefits of developing a love of photography. 1. Photography sponsor Immortal Very Old picture of Uncle and aunt ; captured on 1911 ; leads to Immortality. 2. Photography caters Continue Reading

Macphun Luminar

For some photographers, developing images with software is an exciting part of the creative process; for others, it’s a chore, and maybe even intimidating. Adobe Lightroom has become the standard for “serious” photographers in recent years, and for good reason — it is an incredibly powerful application that can handle Continue Reading