5 Untold Things About Ram Rahim’s Stories That Will Make His Followers Shame

We have heard about many babas such as Dhongi baba, Kissing baba and even the baba’s who run various ‘Babagiri’ rackets, but lately, the nation is going crazy for ‘Rockstar Baba’. He was part of the movie MSG: Messenger of God that got huge popularity at the time of the Continue Reading

5 High Paying Professions That Don’t Require A Degree !!!

Education plays an important role in the development of humankind. From the great scientific discoveries to the most amazing inventions education plays a great role at every stage. And no denials, having an advanced educational degree is the most important preliminary condition to get successful in a particular field and Continue Reading

How games can help students learn better?

Initially, video games were not designed with an educational purpose, even because of their provocative and diverting nature, video games have developed a negative image among parents. But today the Prominent learning theorists, including Lev Vygotsky, Jean Piaget, and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, have emphasized the importance of games in the physical Continue Reading

Dying Profession In India That We Would Love To Revive

Dying Profession In India

If we look over few past decades, India has become more emergent, developed and modern. Today, thing has became easier and more accessible due to newest technologies. From shopping for the biggest or tiniest things to human action to a different corner of world is in our hands. During this fashionable Republic of India, we have a tendency to reside in an Continue Reading

Let’s See! What’s There After Universe?

The universe deals with space and time and its contents which include planets, moons, dwarf planets, stars, galaxies, contents of intergalactic space and all of matter and energy. We came across the term universe for sure but we still don’t know its original size. Scientists at the beginning thought that Continue Reading

Independent India – “Famous Quotes” by our Freedom Fighters

India is a country where people live freely with different religions, language, caste, and creed stays together in harmony. India is a truly secular and diverse country which is united in its own. Independence day is the great day for the people of India as Indians got freedom on this Continue Reading

7 Richest You Tubers Around The World

The Internet is a funnel which has collected, compiled and converted every single in this wide world and poured it into a small and accessible jar. There was a time this Internet had then just commenced into being and people were insanely hungry to perceive its miracles. What a time Continue Reading

Expectation & Disappointment Are Related To Each Other ???

Expectations from people who are close to is a very natural instinct. But why do people expect? People expect because they want other people to treat them the way, they deserve. Keeping expectations from people is perfectly normal. But a person has to understand that not all people think alike. Continue Reading

These Are The Things That Annoy You The Most Based On Your Zodiac Sign

1.     Aries Tell associate Aries that they’re wrong, or doing one thing wrong, and simply see however they flip red. Arians hate to follow rules and slot in a selected box. this can be additionally why they refuse to admit it whenever some other person accuses them of being a Continue Reading

Mother at 64 – Boon or Nightmare / MEDICAL CAN DO ANYTHING ???

We have heard of lot of grandmother or relatives who go through the process of surrogacy to help their kins with the babies they could not carry. Now technology has evolved to such an extent that lot of couples are opting for fertility treatments to be blessed by child. Recently Continue Reading