Know The Navaratri And The 9 Forms Of Goddess Durga!

Navaratri is the most auspicious time for the people who worship Goddess Durga. Many people worship Lord Ganesha alone or Goddess Durga alone, at various times of the year. However, worshipping both of them together will suffice to bless you for eternity. Do grant them extra importance during the nine Continue Reading

7 Ways To Calm Your Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome – Do you frequently experience ache, urge to move your legs, discomfort, burning sensation, cramps, twitching in your legs?! Well, that could be Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). The restless leg syndrome generally known to be the ‘Sleep disorder’, doesn’t let people suffering from it to have proper, Continue Reading

6 Secret Superstitions That Bollywood Celebrities Practice

  Bollywood celebrities superstitions – Superstitions are an integral part of thinking and beliefs that Indians hold in them regarding anything they plan to do. People often look-up to celebrities for understanding style, lifestyle, dressing-up, make-up and what not; we also wonder if celebrities have the same lifestyle as we Continue Reading

A Hottest Guy With A 89 Years Old Girl- Bestfriend

Salvatore and Norma – Friendship is one the biggest boons that has been granted to human existence and mankind. A person who has true friends is the richest person in the world and there is certainly no doubt about that. The relationship called friendship is special because it a mixture Continue Reading

Girlfriend Kills Her Boyfriend Over Argument On The Topic, “Who Will Cook Dinner?”

The topic about Love is quite interesting to write. Even from centuries, this topic has been rising whether true love exists or not. Cynics often swear it doesn’t exist, while hopeless romantics think everyone should set out to find their soulmates. True love is not only possible but can actually Continue Reading

‘5 Fabulous Trekking Locations That Are Waiting For You’

Chenap Valley Trek If you are planning a holiday in Garhwal Himalaya and wish to throw in some exercise and adventure, this hiking trail is an ideal one for you. This hiking destination is untouched as people hardly know about it. The trek will take you to the isolated Chai Continue Reading

6 States Of India You Should Not Miss If You Love Photography

We have a list of picture perfect places that have unique spots for you to enjoy clicking. This list of India place is known for different genres of photographs. Every year, thousands of photo enthusiasts visit these places for a clicking holiday. Agra Yes, you need not be a photo Continue Reading

Strangest Causes Of Death That Will Leave You Amazed …

All human beings have to die some day or the other. It is a tragic, yet inevitable part of life that has been happening since the dawn of humanity. Some people wish to die peacefully in their sleep; others want to leave this world with a bang. No matter what Continue Reading

10 Low Calories Fast Foods That You Can Have At Time

Fast foods: surely each one of us loves to eat fast food. We all just want to grab a big bite of every delicious thing available out there but then the universal worry of staying fit and healthy comes in the midway of our fast foods. One side we are Continue Reading

Tips To Write A Sympathy Letter

  Writing a sympathy letter can be an intimidating task – we search for appropriate, genuine and heartfelt words, hoping what we say will be soothing to hear while worrying we may say the wrong thing. While sending a letter can’t take away the pain of losing a loved one, Continue Reading