A woman is the female equivalent of a human being and it could also refer to the person’s gender identity. The term “woman” is basically meant to recognize an adult female, with the term “girl” being reserved for youngsters. But originally it meant “young person of either sex” in English. The term “woman” is also used to identify a female human, irrespective of age, as used in phrases such as “women’s rights”. The term “womanhood” is the time period when a female has passed through childhood and adolescence, generally around the age of 18. “Feminity” is used to refer to a set of typical female qualities associated with a certain attitude to gender roles; “womanliness” is more like “feminity”, often associated with a different view of gender roles; “femaleness” is a general term used as a shorthand for human femaleness.

The spelling of “woman” in English has changed repeatedly. Firstly it was “Widmann” then “wimmin”, and finally, the modern spelling “woman”. People often develop misconceptions regarding the term “woman” because they think that based on etymology it is linked with the womb. Now womb is actually “stomach” from the Old English.

To describe Snoop Dogg, “being a woman is not that simple”. In today’s world the society we reside in is mostly patriarchal and on a daily basis women face challenges that men don’t even have to deal with it – after all, it is common in a modern society that is structured to benefit one gender over another. Over the years people fought for gender equality but still, women’s rights have a long way to go and even this fight is still ongoing.


In today’s world, there are many rules and regulations and the society expects us to abide by the rules and laws imposed upon us. There are few issues that attract the media’s attention and these are mainly wage gap, street harassment, equal division of childcare, media representation, and discrimination in the workforce. Abusive behavior, especially towards opposite sex, is common in our society and on a daily basis it happens everywhere and its frequency of happening is rising day by day which is out of reach of some people to realize. Girls are mostly the victims of this abusive behavior which we generally know by the term “sexism”. In fact, much of the sexism the girls experience is imposed on them mainly due to cultural expectations rather than others who are constantly looking for insulting girls and Internet trolls are also humiliating. So let’s look at the obstacles which girls face on a daily basis that men can’t understand.

They are expected to compete with other women

There’s a belief dominant in our society that only a single woman can succeed at something. In the world of media, the Smurfette Principle comes into play that is unrestrained, as well as the workforce, where women basically are opposed to each other and the society expects them to show their true strength to achieve the pole position.

Challenges Every Woman Face That Men Can't Even Understand

Not allowed to travel alone

The society is corrupted and everyone is having bad intentions especially to harm others. Now the news of rapes, street harassment etc are very common nowadays. Thus woman has to worry more about even when they simply go out in public alone and it’s worse when they travel alone. Parents are overprotective and don’t allow their daughters to go out because they are aware of the reality of the world. Now traveling alone is easy but women should definitely take into account the consequence which men doesn’t have to think about.

Challenges Every Woman Face That Men Can't Even Understand

The Pink Tax

The pink tax, which refers to extra costs imposed on products and services marketed to women, is yet another hurdle women face when it comes to economic prosperity. Thus it’s true to state that women end up paying thousands more than a man for the same kind of products.

Challenges Every Woman Face That Men Can't Even Understand

Representation of the entire women group

The world is very much competitive and if you’re a girl then you’re under constant pressure to perform well because your actions are under the lens and that reflects on your gender. As the politician, Clare Booth Luce once said, “If I fail, no one will say, ‘She doesn’t have what it takes.’ They will say, ‘Women don’t have what it takes.’”

Challenges Every Woman Face That Men Can't Even Understand

Interests are not prioritized

This is mainly due to what most of the societies follow and believe. Unfortunately, women’s interest finds places only in nowhere nowadays and when they become associated with something automatically they lose status in society’s eyes. This is evident in a workplace – when more and more women enter occupation they lose respect and status – as well as female-dominated-fandoms, which are largely looked down on in other corners of the Internet.

Challenges Every Woman Face That Men Can't Even Understand

It is very much challenging to do anything during periods

It’s generally agreed that periods are the worst but for some women, it’s more like a nightmare because it weakens them. However, women are expected to overcome it and carry on their tasks irrespective of physical status which means even if cramps are serious and they had to race over to washroom frequently that doesn’t matter. They have to carry on with their tasks whatever be the situation.

Challenges Every Woman Face That Men Can't Even Understand

It’s all in the woman’s head

We may try to explain that patriarchy hurts women but some are not going to listen to that. In fact, those people would state the misogyny that women experienced is all “in your head”. Decades of the campaign against gender inequality might hint at sexism is over but this is not the case unless any women experience it firsthand. This is very much infuriating when anyone gives an excuse about sexism being the result of too much sensitivity and this also serves to keep the cycle of sexism alive.

Challenges Every Woman Face That Men Can't Even Understand

Women are not the default; they are the afterthought

As said earlier the society is patriarchal and everyone considers men to be essential and they are needed in each and every sphere of everything starting from the ad campaign, magazines, books, and much more. Even the language which we use is structured keeping men in mind and even male pronouns are still considered as grammatically neutral. If a movie is directed by men or written about them – and there’s no case of anyone questioning the writer or the director. Now when it comes to women then, unfortunately, slapped with label “for women”. Women account for half the population on earth and it is very much injustice as women are treated as niche by others.

Challenges Every Woman Face That Men Can't Even Understand

The smile

Women are not spared even with their smiles. They are told to be physically appealing at times when you’re sick, tired, plain cranky, or whatever be it. Now when a woman is asked to smile then she should definitely shout like a velociraptor and throw with force a tampon at their head because it’s easier than punching and is even trouble free. It seems to be an exciting weapon for all feminist rage which is like downing three birds with one stone.

Challenges Every Woman Face That Men Can't Even Understand

Sexual violence

This issue is serious and should be taken seriously. All countries should unitedly take a bold and savage step to eradicate this permanently by enforcing strict laws. It is the nightmare for most of the young girls out there. Most of the times women are victims of it and records says nine of ten victims of rape cases to be women. A few years back world witnessed the brutalities and assaults done on “Nirbhaya” a girl who died a painful death and is the prime example of a rape victim. This is not done and its injustice to the soul of Nirbhaya and the rapists are now free living their life. But what about Nirbhaya. Indian Government is just sparing the rapists. If we don’t take any bold step then we would lose many more girls who would have been bright citizens of India.

Challenges Every Woman Face That Men Can't Even Understand

Now haircut is also expensive

In one of the earlier points, we talked about expensive products which women use. Now haircut is also expensive. Where would the girls? It doesn’t depend upon haircut but seriously gender does matter to the barbers.

Challenges Every Woman Face That Men Can't Even Understand

The Heels

Women are very much fashionable. Modern girls like to wear heels even though wearing heels is not a necessity. It is very uncomfortable for the women to wear heels and sometimes it causes pain in legs and if someone is not careful while walking wearing heels then she might end up being injured. On the other hand, men don’t have to think much, they have simple flat shoes.

Challenges Every Woman Face That Men Can't Even Understand

Fashion products

Now in one of the earlier points competition between women is discussed. This competitiveness even extends to who looks beautiful. So when they are out they need to look good compared to others and this is how they are under constant pressure of how to look beautiful. For this they need to find the right dress and products for every single situation is extreme. On the other hand, there’s no such competition when it comes to men.

Challenges Every Woman Face That Men Can't Even Understand

The myth that every girl like pink

Everyone thinks that girls like pink. When we think of pink then we also associate women with it. This is not the case always. Everyone has got different choices. There are many girls who don’t even like pink. This false myth extends to manufacturers who think it would be better to produce pink products.

Challenges Every Woman Face That Men Can't Even Understand

Waxing the body hair

Boys are hairy and it doesn’t even matter if they have hairs on their body. On the other hand, girls dislike hairs and they need to get it waxed which is very much embarrassing, painful, expensive, difficult and awkward.

Challenges Every Woman Face That Men Can't Even Understand

The lipstick issue

Actually, lipstick is sticky. Now when her lips come in contact with anything then it leaves a mark. Suppose for instance drinking a glass of water would leave an impression on the glass surface. Wearing lipstick is also a concern for the women. Men don’t need lipstick and all so no worry. So it’s difficult being a woman.

Challenges Every Woman Face That Men Can't Even Understand


Lastly, I would like to add that women should be given equal rights as men are given. They too are human and they seek for a beautiful and perfect life. So must we ensure this and ensure in such a way that women live a life with their head held high with pride.


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