Confessions Of A Failed Entrepreneur – Facts !!!

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Start-ups are everywhere- newspapers, magazines, Internet, reality shows and where not. We even have a super hit web series with a start-up as its central theme. It is this decade’s ‘cool’ thing.  Admit it or not, all of us, at some point of time have been inspired to jump on the start-up bandwagon. Inspiration could be anything. It could be the aforementioned web series, a start-up applauding article you read or simply a frustrating job.
But believe me, the cons of entrepreneurship have been underplayed, especially on media that millennials like us are exposed to.
Next time when you get all starry eyed when you come across successful entrepreneurs, give at least a thought to these confessions, coming from a failed entrepreneur.
Confession # 1: My trigger
I was working as an Assistant Brand Manager with a some what known FMCG Company. And the chairman of the company happened to be a miserly marwari gentleman. Expectedly ‘cost saving’ measures flowed across the organization unabashedly. Frustrated by not getting two cups of decent coffee everyday, I used my marriage as an excuse to quit my job. In all fairness I was located at Mumbai and my to be husband was working in Bangalore.
This was my first BIG MISTAKE. Second was my over confidence and arrogance.
Proud of my tier I MBA and ‘skills’, I assumed I would easily land a job of my choice once I reach Bangalore. I became choosy and pricey. Let me tell you, BIG MISTAKE, especially considering the fact that I sucked at interviews.
Eight months later when I had the epiphany of logic, companies decided to be arrogant and choosy. Tired of being rejected and humiliated and vomiting the same answer to ‘Tell me about yourself’, I decided to become an ‘entrepreneur’.
Yes, that was my big start-up inspiration! Getting tired of giving interviews and being rejected.
But trust me, begging corporate for a job or not having decent coffee is a cakewalk as compared to running a start-up.
Confession # 2: Ignoring the signs
Right from the day I started working on my venture, the universe gave me signs from everywhere, that this was a bad idea. But I ingenuously chose to ignore them. My third BIG MISTAKE.
My first sign was difficulty in finding a cook (my start-up being a food start-up). Now, if any of you have ever stayed in Bangalore, you will know finding a cook is no easy task. But it took me a whole of 5 months to find a cook. I was even ready to hire a recruitment agency. It still took me five months. In retrospection, I think the universe was buying me time to change my decision. But I paid no heed.
My next task was finding a place for my start-up. Now again, any current or ex Bangalorean will know this is not a difficult task at all. But I was unable to find the right place for a long time. And when I finally found the right place, my cook ran away. This was the same cook I found after five months of extensive search. This was my second sign from the universe. As expected, I chose to ignore it.
My third sign was the failure of other entrepreneurs doing something similar. But I convinced myself I was better and will not fail. I blamed the people for the failure and did not give much thought to the fact that it could be the market. Even now I think, I could have executed some things better and would be running a successful business instead of writing this blog.  But what I didn’t take from the experience of others was that, this was a difficult domain to succeed in. 
All you budding entrepreneurs, this blog is not intended to discourage you. This is a light-hearted article to show you the other side of entrepreneurship, which the media has chosen to ignore.
Keep watching this space for more confessions! Have a nice day and I hope you enjoyed my blog.


—- Continued to Part 2

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