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— Continued From Confessions of a failed entrepreneur- I


Like many of you, I too was awed by the world of start-ups until I started one of my own. I started a business, it did not work out, lost my hard earned savings and now I stand before you, a failed entrepreneur. Although I have not completely lost faith in the concepts of believing in yourself and following your dreams, I am wiser (as I would like to believe) and more cautious now.


But I do have some confessions to make. As embarrassing as these might be, I hope someone learns from my mistake.

If you have read my previous blog, you would know my first two confessions. First one is about how my inspiration was a couple of stupid mistakes and the following frustration.  Second confession being about how I ignored the obvious signs and landed up in a soup. (You can read in detail about my confessions here at Bloggers Diary in my previous posts. It is an entertaining and insightful read)


So here go my next confessions:


Confession # 3: Help from Mom

Born and brought up in Mumbai, with my previous job in Mumbai too, all my good friends and close was in Mumbai too. But as luck would have had it, I got married and landed up in Bangalore all alone with my close friends and relatives back in Mumbai. Frustrated by my inability to find a job I became an ‘entrepreneur’.


Of course I was not able to manage and called my mother all the way from Mumbai to help me. She had to leave her responsibilities and step out of her comfort zone (my mother is a traditional women and not comfortable staying at her married daughter’s home) just to help me. Embarrassing enough, right? But there’s more. I borrowed one lac rupees from my home- maker widowed mother, which I still, haven’t returned. Thankfully my mother is well to do and I do aim to return the money to her.  But I being a twenty six year old adult with a MBA degree from a tier I institute and potential to land a well paying job borrowed money from my widowed homemaker mother. Pretty shameful, isn’t it? But my dear fellows please remember being an entrepreneur can be pretty embarrassing.


Confession # 4: My confrontation issues

Anyone who has ever dealt with a maid knows how labor management can be. I swear to God, I find nothing more challenging. And Bangalore labor is the worse of the lot. And what’s more, I am afraid of confrontations. And still, I chose to dive into a labor-intensive field.


Perfect recipe for disaster! Managing my labor had become a nightmare for me. But on the bright side, I was unable to get over my fear of confrontation to some extent.


And all you budding entrepreneurs, please don’t start your business if you fear confrontations. And even if you do, you need to get over your fear of confrontations.


Thanks for reading and keep watching this space for my last and final blog in this series.


Have a nice day!



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