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Cyber Security helps to safeguard your computer’s hardware & software and also prevents loss of sensitive data & information. It is always said prevention is better than cure. In today’s dynamic world internet helps to bridge the gap between two different locations and time zones and also gives the flexibility to do multiple things without any constraints. There are no limitations or boundaries which the internet cannot cater too. But as it is said every coin has two sides, the internet era also has its dark side which is known as Cyber threat or Cyber Crime.

There are various kinds of threats if proper Cyber Security steps are not followed. Few common threats which one or the other user globally is affected by is DoS which is known as Denial of Service Attack. Here the attacker denies the service to the individual’s by deliberately keying in the wrong password multiple times so that the victim’s account gets locked out or also may overload the machine or network and block the user at once. Another most common Cyber threat is known as Spoofing. Spoofing is most common in communication which lacks security. It is a fraudulent practice where the communication is hidden as a source known to the receiver. Phishing is yet another most common threat which acquires the sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details directly from the users. This is mainly done through email spoofing or instant messaging. There are few more types of threats prevailing such as Social Engineering, Tampering, and Virus etc.

Every Industry needs to practice the information Security policy very effectively and cautiously as every organization has multiple people working and the data is exposed to each and every individual. Consider industries like Investment Banking where the customer or client’s bank balance, account number credit card number; available balance etc is visible to all the employees of the organization. Likewise, if we consider consumer devices like phones, tablets, smart watches etc every user downloads multiple applications which automatically allows the access to collect the personal information including sensitive information stored on their devices. Each and every activity done by the employee should be monitored and necessary actions should be taken if there is any breach. Cyber Security is everyone’s responsibility.

There are multiple modes in which we connect to the internet like mobile phones, laptop and tablets. It has become very easy to access or get connected through the internet, however the flip side is we are more vulnerable. As stated earlier prevention is better than cure, in today’s scenario Cyber Security mainly focuses on prevention by using antivirus system, inserting the firewalls, uninstalling the unnecessary software and keeping a check on the security settings.

Hence, Cyber Security should not be done once there is a threat identified. Not only individuals also there are many agencies who understand the importance of Cyber Security have joined hand together for the betterment of the society. These agencies are not just restricted within India but there are many International Agencies who have collaborated to create awareness and educate people about the importance of Cyber Security. Also the Government of the Country plays a significant role in Cyber Security as we already have a Security Policy , Legal Framework to abide by.

Also to add on as the awareness has increased over years Cyber Security is one of the fast growing field of IT which helps multiple organizations to reduces the risk of Cyber Threats and creates multiple employment opportunities for individuals.

Hopefully, now we all understand the importance of CYBER SECUIRTY in todays’ era and as responsible individuals will definitely follow the steps to avoid any kind of cyber threat.

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