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As Steve Jobs says Do what you love and with time the relation with that thing keeps getting better and better . If you haven’t found it yet keep looking , don’t settle . Try new things even if you are afraid of doing it , give it a shot . If you don’t try , you will never know . Give it a chance and take the risk . The biggest risk is not taking the risk . It is ok to not know what to do next in life but this is the time when you can explore yourself and if you are from young generation this is the best time as this is the age where you have the curiosity to learn and experiment new things . Don’t be afraid to try new things . You must be thinking what if you fail ? So what… atleast you gave it a shot and later on you will never regret it that you didn’t even tried and you never know when you hobby might become your profession . It’s better saying oops than what if . Once you find what you love you will eventually form a special bond with it and it can be anything like photography , blogging , performing in a band , cooking , etc . For you ,  if it’s only about making money then there are hundreds of ways to do that but that won’t make you happy in long run . Everything seems to be difficult at first sight but once you start doing it things will eventually fall in your way . It is ok to face multiple rejections but never stop trying. The moment you stop trying you fail . So try whatever you want and always follow your heart .

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