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It is strongly believed by our great ancestors that‘a mother’s womb is the most pious and the safest chamber in the world which can’t be penetrated even by the sun’s most powerful radiations’.I wholeheartedly support this statement as it is all correct. A woman has always been great and grandest, because of their magic to procreate, bear and give birth to a new living being. They are the epitome of perseverance, patience, love, and care. These are the reasons which make them superior to men. A pregnant woman is a blessed woman. It is that state of deep conscience which is considered as the ultimate goal for many women if they want to make their journey to womanhood successful. As an expectant woman is the home of a new and delicate being who is to come up soon to this world, she should be nurtured and pampered with heart-full of love and compassion. Doing so will be like nurturing that baby only who is about to brighten its family and thus the whole surrounding. Modern Science of medicines clearly mentions that ‘we all need to keep a healthy environment around a pregnant woman at any cost’. Even our own traditional science of medicines, Ayurvedahasapparently used a term ‘ GARVA SANSKARA’ which holds important guidelines regarding prenatal education for a forthcoming mother, strictly prohibiting any ill-things to happen perceivable to her senses.And equivocal-cum-harsh words are the sharpest weapon which can kill a pregnant woman’s so-emotional mind, which can hinder in the process of her well-being and, thus her child. So here comes a must-read list of ‘eight things don’t dare say to a blessed woman’.


“You Look Like You’re Ready To Burst!”

What the hell! You are making fun of a woman who has her hormones at its peak, ragging to burst at all times. She knows of her physical condition with an inflated belly, which surpasses every single maternal garment she wears and wishes to fit in. ‘Would you tell a stranger woman fat if she is not-pregnant?’


“You’re Planning To Breastfeed, Right?”

‘Is it some shameful act to breastfeed that ought not to be done by modern mothers?’ Believe me, Breastfeeding is the most needful and inevitable duty which a mother can’t be directed from. Even outside the home, if a mother feeds her child with her mammary, then it’s completely her choice, her way to nurture her own child.’ Mothers’ milk is the primary source of nutrition for newborns before they are able to eat and digest other foods.’ So, don’t demean a mother by above-quoted words.


“Ooohhh, Look! You Have (Some Pregnancy –Related Ailment)!” 

At about 32nd week of one’s pregnancy, a female starts to or completely develops varicose veins. In this case, my strong suggestion will be- If you spot a pregnant woman sporting cankles, chipmunk cheeks, or any other pregnancy-related nuisance, there’s no need to point it out to her.Simply tell her she’s beautiful—because she is.


“Wow! You Sure Were Hungry!”

”She eats the amount of food which will feed a country’s whole army.” Bear in mind that a pregnant woman is always hungry. A pregnant woman always needs extra 300 calories per day for each baby she is carrying—even more than that if she is very active, as per her gynecologist. So feel pride in eating food to your heart-full because you are feeding not only yourself but the baby inside your womb.


 “You Are Feeling That Way Because You Are UPSET And HORMONAL.” 

Getting a rush of hormones is indispensable in the case of a pregnant woman. By dint of this, she gets mood swings and emotional. She is always ready to burst into tears not because she wants it intentionally but the hormone that is boiling inside her. So suggestively, please do not point out to a pregnant woman that she is hormonal, as she knows it. Always try to bring a smile on her face.


“Oh No, You’re Pregnant AGAIN?”

”What the eff!!” Be sane enough to speak the same or you will leave a beautiful expectant-lady upset or cry which is totally not good. The number or frequency of her pregnancy is solely her and her partner’s decision. Don’t poke your nose in this. Always appreciate her in any and every case. ‘Would some good and soothing words want some expense!!’


“You Shouldn’t Be Doing That In Your Condition.”

The feeling of a to-be-mother is an incomparable experience which is undoubtedly little tiresome to carry herself all along. And she knows it well. Wittingly she enjoys doing chores as it makes her happy and occupied. In this process, if a stupid knocks her every now and then on how she should be limiting her motion, believe me –  it is frustrating to them.


“Hmmm…You Will Never Again Have Time To Enjoy Like Your Old-Self, Once The Baby Will Come.”

Taunting or over-sympathizing words like “You will never again have time to enjoy yourself once the baby will come”.“ In fact, you’ll never have time to do ANYTHING”. “You’ll simply be a shell of your former self.” A lot of parents are there who still watch movies, read books, and enjoy dinners at restaurants. Many working moms have a successful career and really happy with their children. So this idea that ‘a mother’s life becomes boring and child-centric’ is nothing but an absurd. Sure, life changes a lot. Maybe she might not be going bar-hopping every night. Maybe her exercise routine will be pushing her babies around the neighborhood in their stroller, and her nights out with her husband will have to be planned instead of spontaneous. But the life would be worth living with a child always along with her.


Now I am quite sure that you know your job. Always bring happiness in one’s life. And your choice of words can do it miraculously. If a child is born in a rejoicing environment then only he/she would be able to bring happiness in this world. As we know, a mother is bearing that life, so It is your karma to pour her with blessings and joys.

“Render a Blessed Lady with Empathy rather than Sympathy.”


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