Drug abuse is a common thing these days. Every college student wants to try how it feels like to take an illegal substance. First it is just for thrill but that one try becomes a long term addiction.

Teens are usually curious about everything, and when they see movies, TV series and videos associated to drugs they feel like trying it once which can’t be controlled and can only be explained to teenagers by their family or by programs in schools and colleges how drug addiction can harm the person.

Drug abuse doesn’t only harm the person but it harms the whole society. An addict starts getting dependent on drugs. The world seems to be a cruel place for an addict even though there are people who care for him/her; still they choose drugs over family and friends.

The circulation of illegal drugs is the root cause of drug addiction and to take action on such drug cartels should be one of the main agenda of every countries government. Drug Cartels earn so much money and are unaccounted which can spoil the economy of any country. Taking down these cartels will help in improving the situation of the society.


Recovery programs or rehab centers for drug addict offer the chance for them to identify with others who have similar experiences, issues and stories. And thanks to these programs, many people get back to their normal happy lives and those who have not crossed the line into addiction have stopped using and found happier, more fulfilling lives without experiencing the severity of long term addiction.

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