‘Health is wealth’- the wealth which remains with you till the demise; the wealth which never does you any harm; the wealth which reconciles you with yourself and others; the wealth which can bring you the peace and all joys of life without getting deteriorated. What a miracle this ‘Health’ is!!

Health Is Wealth

This very time people from children to aged, get engaged themselves on computers, mobiles, and other electronic gadgets for hours and hours, and other unsuitable habits knowingly or unknowingly. In this case, ailments and diseases are most trivial to knock on their doors. To fortify their life and their dear ones, a healthy regime is needed to be employed. This healthy regime comprises of physical exercises including gymnasium, yoga, brisk stretchings etc.,  and of course a healthy diet. Yes, I know that both these fractions are little hard to fit in our comfort and cozy zone. But If you get to feel its miracles rather than to read or see about it, your life is bound to be much more rejoicing than you ever have expected. Switching to a good and balanced regime is important but you are always required to be resourceful about what is to be read, followed and changed( if needed). But let me poke you about the initial effects that this lifestyle would have upon you. Nowadays many websites, magazines, and journals can tell you which diet or exercises you should stick to for the desired result. I intend to reveal a little about the facts which these pages don’t cover generally. These facts have been themed as ‘EFFECTS OF CHANGING EATING HABITS ON OUR HEALTH’. Also starting on Workouts and exercises might have those same effects, as exercise and eating habits are complimentary for a good health or I should affirm that a good diet has a much larger percentage which is about 70% than the exercises, contributing only 30%. In the context, we are going to discuss the drastic effects, obviously short-term effects, of changing the eating habits on the Health. Before commencing on the discussion, I need to clarify myself that my motive is to acknowledge you and not to demotivate or give warnings. As a good thing might have an initial pain but there is ‘ NO GAIN WITHOUT PAIN’.




If you are sedentary and have been stuck to junk foods since ages, then switching to the good diet can bring more good effects which can be boosted by brisk exercises. But a sudden shooting of carbs and calories can leave you feeling moody, frustrating, angry. So it is severely prescribed not to crash diet.



Cutting down on your intake of fat, carbs, and calories, a large chunk of weight can be reduced. Eating healthy helps you in weight management. Just having a good diet accompanied with a proper workout routine can easily assist you to hit that weight which would project on your acquired beautiful physique. According to a report,  ‘leading a healthy lifestyle makes you emotionally stable in every situation and you would not feel any deep urge to eat to your fullest.’ So always be happy.



Switching to a healthy diet regime drastically can syringe you with a hunger-virus. Now don’t get scared. It’s just a metaphor. The reason is that the body can’t handle that tremendous and immediate drop of calorie and carb intake, which causes you to binge.So, Initially, a calorie cut of 200 to 300 calories are advised. Experts at Mayoclinic.com  found that selecting a smart-food-class can help you out in the case when you are dying to burn more and more calories. These foods are to be that type which is rich in fiber and energy. The motto is to make your body busy in digestion process as fiber takes longer to digest.



After living on a rough and unhealthy diet for years, a drastic shift to a fibrous diet can lead to an Intestinal upset. The body can’t cope up with the diet and can cause bloating, flatulence, constipation or diarrhea. Consuming beans and legumes may cause additional bloating and gas in the intestine. These problems can be avoided by introducing whole-grain foods, fruits, and vegetables in a small amount in the diet.  Starting with 2 to 3 grams of extra fiber each day, if you don’t feel any digestive distress the amount can be increased to 30 to 40 grams each day.



Lowering the calorie amount in the diet causes depletion in energy obviously in the initial stages, especially when the physical activity is increased in larger extent.  Weight loss occurs when the calorie consumed is less than the calorie burn. The HarvardMedical School Family Health Guide recommends consuming 13 calories per pound of the body weight if a person is primarily sedentary. If that person is moderately active then the amount is 16 grams and it is 18 grams if he exercises vigorously.



The brain relies on glucose, which is derived from carbs and other nutrients such as healthy fats and antioxidants, to function properly. According to a study published ‘The journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology’ in Dec. 2009, fatty foods could have an immediate negative impact on Brain function. And you need a great memory in the versatility of life.



As I quoted earlier that “exercises and good eating habits are complementary to each other”, but a little modification has no harm. ‘Exercises and an adequate eating habit, are complementary for a healthy being.’ According to a study made by National Eating Disorder Association, dieters experience poor muscle strength, endurance, oxygen utilization, and coordination. It’s a living example of ‘Excess of everything is bad, even if that everything belongs to something good’. But if done in adequate amount, a good diet enhances exercise capabilities tremendously.



For the working-class people and the aged, they should strictly follow a good and light diet.  Having unprocessed foods such as white bread, pasta, rice, and soda, digest very quickly and spike blood sugar levels. This puts extra stress on the pancreas, which makes the hormone insulin. Healthy, unsaturated fats and fibrous foods, take a longer time to digest and take a pressure off on pancreas. In other words, a good diet increases Insulin Resistance.



Gnawing on unhealthy fast foods insanely causes sabotage in one’s sleep. Sleep is the prime requirement for a healthy body, which can only be achieved through a proper regime. Reports have shown that nearly half of Americans relying on junk foods, suffering from Insomnia. According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults need an average of 8 hours sleep and older people must have 7.5 hours sleep, for proper functioning. The same can only be gained by good health regime.



Initial pain in a journey to good habits might seem large and, the pain might incite you to dismount from the journey. But an attitude of perseverance, discipline, and dedication can assist you to reach your goal. There is no other joy that can make you feel complacent than accepting challenges and succeeding on it. Only challenges make life worth living. And I don’t think that anything other than ‘a good healthy life’ can be a better option as a challenge. So be healthy and make others inspire to be healthy.

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