wp-image-1904272470Ended my stereotype job in Dubai and nowhere to go, I decided to visit Bangkok before going back to my motherland Philippines.

My plain purpose back then was travel Thailand. Working was never a plan. I came here merely two months ago.Visited all I can in Bangkok first few days. Temples, Malls, street foods and pubs. Third day nowhere to go and bored staying home in Bangkok ( I stayed in my friends apartment ) I tried applying online ( check different facebook pages that can help you such as Ajarn, SWD, Jobs in Thailand and Jobs in Phucket ) any jobs related to my degree and work experiences. Well, 80% of jobs I found were for Foreign English Teachers and not having teaching experience I was a bot skeptic I will get any job. Surprise! After few hours many contacted me for job interview next day and I took the job with best salary offer and who wants me to start next day. You read that right, I started working next day! That quick!

So let me share you my experience here so far. You want to travel and earn? Teach in Thailand. A piece of cake especially if you are a native English speaker. My First time Teaching in Surat Thani, Thailand. 20258161_10210797115787233_6891672295769752326_nWhat is a 25 years old Filipina lady doing here? Well, I really don’t know. Everything happened so fast I just woke up next day and I needed to make a lesson plan for my “Suay” students. ( Suay in Thai means beautiful ). With a degree not related to teaching and 0% experience teaching kids and no TEFL or any certificates and proper training It was really tough. It was like a military man being threw on a war with out bullets. I started here teaching Secondary school student in a public school. Mondays through Fridays 7:30AM – 4:00PM. Well, as each schools does, they have everyday flag ceremony and all teachers needed to attend it. I kinda liked their national anthem even I don’t understand a damn thing. The beat makes me feel good. LOL. Been here more than 2months now. So how was it? Teaching English to Thai students? It was seriously tougher than I expected. I can remember their confused reaction when I told then “Good morning” . That kind of reaction like they just saw an alien. Yes this is their reactions when they see farangs for the first time. Funny right? Me looking like them being an Asian they thought I am a thai and their reaction was unforgettable when they realize I am not. 19601096_10210553128527704_727141878028770042_nAmusing as it seem as an English teacher you needed them to follow simple instructions that they can hear but not really understand. Commands such as read, copy, write and listen. Here comes the TPR ( Total Physical Response ). You have to move your ass babe 🙂 Show them what you want them to do because they will not understand when you just tell them the words. Also, you needed visuals to make your teaching lesson fun and easier for them to learn. Don’t forget to put games to get their attentions and wake up those sleeping students. Most of my lesson plans are from internet such as Youtube and other ESL websites. ( https://en.islcollective.com ) After a month I got transferred to a different school. Now I am teaching Primary school students ( Prathom Students P1-P6 ) Secondary students were tough to teach so I do not know what word to use with these students now. LOL. One difference of teaching Mathayom with Prathom is the energy level. Mathayom is a bit serious since these are composition of 12 – 16 years old white Prathom are kids age 6 – 11. Pratgom students are all about singing, dancing and fun activities. Fun and learning is the concept of your lesson plans and always save your energy, you will need a lot of it with them. Mathayom students needs a bit guidance in conversations and stuf but other than that they are thousand miles easier to teach mainly because they understand smple instructions while prathom are only starting, everything from scratch. The best part is seeing them learn. The joy seeing prathom students is Nirvana. All your hardships are worth it plus these kids are sweeter than those on Mathayom. No inhibitions, they will sing and dance with you and you will have a good time playing along with them. Both levels have their own pros and cons, bottomline is enjoy the lessons and don’t stress yourself out. As new teacher I was stressed out at first making lesson plans. I realized the simpler the better and just make sure they learn and enjoy at the same time. You gotta enjoy too, being a teacher I can say is one of the most rewarding jobs here in Thailand mainly because happiness comes out naturally. Just listen on how those kids giggle when you play with them. How to get a job, salary and a place to stay In Surat Thani downtown I got an agency who took care of everything, they looked house for me just 5 minutes walk from the school I teach. Salary range here is about 18000 – 30000 depending on your nationality and experience. Mostly they prefer native english speakers and the salaries are ranging 25000 and above. Some gives free accommodation , motorbike as mode of transportation and food. Houses, dorms and apartments are all over the place, not a difficult thing to find. Range around 2000- 6000BAHT and you have options to have amenities like fridge, television, wifi and air-condition. What makes this place special Travelling has always been my first love and Thailand is just the perfect place to stay if you are really into travelling. Thailand is land travel away from countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia. Total package indeed. Surat Thani is a small town with many malls to see, churches, temples, cubs and bars, many farangs to meet and 2-4 hrs away from Khrabi, phucket, phiphi island, kho samui, ko phangan and more islands. There are just so much to visit. Don’t miss out muaythai if you haven’t tried it. They say you did not really go to Thailand if you haven’t tried Muaythai and Thai Massage. Thai foods Thailand foods are spicy, really really spicy. Being a filipino I am not accustomed to such taste. I figured they also love raw foods. Salads, raw fish in vinegar and seasonings and raw veggies. Better to try everything for the sake of trying and to at least experience their culture. If you are same with me who is used to western food, restaurants are all over the place so no worries you will stay alive here eating the food you fancy. 🙂 Thai Culture First thing I learned here was doing the WHY and always saying SAWADEEKA as form of greeting. If you are a farang it is not really required but same as others people appreciate it when you embrace their culture. Nothing to lose so just do it to show respect especially to elderly. I fancy how the Thai people value their culture so much. I see my Thai friend always doing why when we pass through temples.

English language here is barely practiced so expect difficulty talking to the people in English. Either bring a dictionary or start learning their language. Learning their language is not easy however being here 2 months and hearing my students and friends speaking it, it is not hard to catch some few words and sentences. Being here 2 months I already learned a lot and would still love to see more. I might stay longer than expected since I still have a lot on my list of places here that I haven’t visited.

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