Expectations from people who are close to is a very natural instinct. But why do people expect? People expect because they want other people to treat them the way, they deserve. Keeping expectations from people is perfectly normal. But a person has to understand that not all people think alike. Everybody’s brain works in their own different ways.

After all, we are not some saint or god. We are humans. Expectations becomes a part of our lives. Mother expects something from her son,  a son from his father and this goes on. We as human beings have so much emotions bottled inside us, that expectations come easily to us.

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Sometimes expectations lead to disappointment. Not all expectations are met with equal love and respect. So the answer is don’t expect? Actually whenever you feel that your expectations are not met, ask yourself why am I expecting so much and in return harming myself. A quote that I always carry with me is:

“Don’t blame people for disappointing you,

blame yourself for expecting too much from them”.

One easy thing that one can do is not to attach too quickly with any person. One needs to do a self observation and realise that behind our expectations lies our belief that opposite person will return us a favour or so something out of humanity. Nobody has an intuition or dream as to what other is expecting from us. Sometimes unknowingly also people end up disappointing other people. In that nobody is to be blamed. You just need to release your inner fears and inhibitions.

As Shakespeare rightly said :

I always feel happy, You know why?

Because I don’t expect anything from anyone.

Expectations always hurt. Life is short, so love your life.

Be happy and Keep smiling. Just live for yourself and

Before you speak, listen. Before you write, think,

Before you spend, earn. Before you pray, forgive.

Before you hurt, feel. Before you hate, love.

Before you quit, try. Before you die, live.

Every situation has a cause and effect. Your reaction is dependent on the actions of the situation. Do not give rise to a situation, where in you know you are bound to be disappointed. Turn situation in your favour by not expecting any favours from anyone and believing on your own capabilities. Once you let go of expectations, no one can harm your peace of mind. Take power of your happiness in your hands. Your control is in your hands.

Remember one thing, nothing is permanent. Just stay away from negative emotions and you will not be disappointed. Make peace with yourself and constantly remind yourself that you do not need to expect anything from anyone and you are self -contented. Happiness is a relative term. If you are happy from within, peace will follow and disappointment will distance from yourself. Accept things that you cannot change. Change is good. Nothing will happen if we do not change ourselves.



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