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All About Dubai 🇦🇪🇦🇪

This is where most of my FIRST happened.
Hope reading this wont bore you.😂😂

I came to Dubai exactly December 10, 2016. 12:30 midnight.
Welcome to Dubai!
I can still remember how excited I was first time we arrived at the Dubai International Airport. The place was so beautiful. I was excited to see so much more. Work and travel is the reason why I came here.

So let me start with the place I stayed at. People often think that expats abroad live a comfortable life and considering this is my first time working abroad I had the same thought. However it changed here.

I stayed in a shared bedspace in Satwa roundabout ( There are a lot of Filipinos here that’s why they call it Mini Manila plus everything is accessible like carrefour supermarket, al maya and union coop ) and it costs around 900aed per month with everything included by this time 2017. This is already too expensive for a small bedspace shared by 8 people and my salary being not really that big at that time. That was just the start.

Fun facts though was that my work is walking distance from home so transportation expenses is deducted and metro/bus is walking distance too. Although I changed my place. Somewhere cheaper like 650aed and closer to my work.

First month I lost my phone. Yes you read that right someone snatched it from my hand on my way home around 9pm. I want to mention it’s a freaking 1month old iphone 6plus.
This made me doubt if i picked the right country. I thought Dubai is the safest place on earth or maybe it was. Even in my own bedspace I lost so much stuff like shoes and money on my wallet because I live in a flat where i don’t know the people and we are too many to pinpoint who took it. This actually made me feel sour about this place. People are so in need of money I guess, that they needed to do such things.

My work was 9-9pm and had only 1 day off so I barely really had time for myself even to cook decent dinner because I am always tired from work. Park was near for some jogging but again i’d rather sleep home and also this month is winter in Dubai, 13 degree Celsius is common day till month of June.

I met so much friends here. I had a lot of fun and it was nice experiencing everything like a child. Babysteps. From learning how to take the taxi costing flat rate 20aed minimum at this time upto learning riding a metro going to the beaches around the city. Metro by this time cost 5aed anywhere. Convenient timing except rush hours which were 9am-11am and 5pm-7pm because office folks comes out.

I considered everything expensive so anyone who wanna save here should stay home LOL (cook your own food which I usually do when I am on restday otherwise will eat some fruit and bread cook-less food). Place is surrounded with so much things to do. From malls, restaurants with different varieties, beaches along the way, different nationalities and cultures. (although 50% of population here are indians and pakistanis) You will see locals likely around 10% only.

Everything is almost accessible by train except few places like for one is festival mall. Also other city you can visit are sharjah, fujairah and abu dhabi. Well on my first month I tried writting down some list of places I wanted to see and luckily I achieved seeing all them.

My first Christmas here was not really fun because I did not celebrate it at all. I slept at home because I have muslim friends and they don’t celebrate christmas. Well one i have a Catholic best friend who stays next to Mall of Emirates with her sister, brother in law and nephew. She asked me o stay for some time and eat dinner then after-which I flew away to go home. Nothing special really.

My first new year was a little more than what i deserve and expected. My muslim friend asked me to celebrate with her family considering I have no family here to celebrate it with.
We went to Dubai Marina because her husband lives there and I stayed there Dec31 to Jan2.

New year was awesome!
We waitted for new years eve under the grand canal with the view of burj khalifa and the fireworks. It was one of the best experiences I had in Dubai. It made me thank my guts for having courage flying here to Dubai. It was fun really. Good memories.

January first, I started the year with a blast.

All my friends came to Dubai marina and we swim at nearby JBR- a beach next to Dubai Marina with so much western people around. Apparently it’s just 1 taxi away like 10km away from my Muslim friends house. Me as a beach lover had so much fun. Well I met the camels for the first time in my life LOL.

Same day we also spend time strolling Marina Mall, well i really love marina at mid day. You can see yatch, beach and the night lights. It was awesome and my photos did not give much justice to it but it was really good.

This was just my January. Remember I have the list of places I wanted to see? So here are just few of the places I visited in Dubai and if you’re interested on the detailed blogs of my experiences at theses places too the blogs are in this same page.

💙Dubai mall & Burj Khalifa
💙Kite Beach, Umm Suquimm and Jumeirah Beach
💙Marina Yatch Clun and Marina Mall
💙Atlantis Palm Jumeirah
💙Al Qudra Lake and Last exit
💙Al ain Jebel Hafeet
💙Global Village and Jumeirah Grand Mosque
💙Mall Of Emirates, IBN Batuta Mall and Festival Mall

Photos of places I visited in Dubai are in this page.


I stayed in Dubai until Ramadan Kareem (June 2017) and I consider the experience like a roller coaster ride. People are too busy with their own life, career and night life. I cannot cope up with the fast life here. When I was in Philippines I used to dream Dubai so much like I will do everything to be there and stay there but when I actually got in there I realized it is not really what I was dreaming it to be.

I experience extreme things in Dubai, good and bad it was worth the ride. Seeing it yourself and realizing everything was better than what if right? I recommend Dubai for tour but not for work. No stability in here compared to other countries. I met so many people ( filipinos and other nationalities ) they spent here 5 or 15 yrs already and still got nothing on their pockets. Maybe it depends on how you handle it really but as I have mentioned earlier spending in this city is pretty easy and cost of living is too high.

I hope you also see Dubai for yourself!
Keep travelling and see the world from beyond!

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