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It was a freezing December night. I had had a heavy lunch that day as I had not known that I would have to attend a grand dinner at one of the finest hotels in the town. My paunch was not ready for another feast. But if a glutton like me just gets to see delicious food, then my body gets a second stomach in itself. I pulled my socks and prepared myself to gulp in only the appetizing and relatively rare delicacies.

But I knew that the amount of food I had load into my stomach would be more than the food needed to feed fifteen starving Africans. With high spirits, I flooded my plate with most of the eatables and looked for a place to sit. It was not my fault that all the food looked rare and appetizing. People looked at my plate and gave me awful stares as if I was carrying a dead man’s head on my plate. But I was too happy to care.

I had not moved my eyes to anything else but the food until I saw a girl. Anyone could easily bet a million dollars on the fact that she was the best looking girl in the gathering. She had creamy skin and big brown eyes. I looked around and saw the other people. Whether eighteen or thirty, every male had his eyes focused on her. I wanted to go and talk to her, but I had a mission to accomplish first. I had to have the food. A dilemma took birth in my so called quick-witted mind.

After processing my brain for half a minute, I dumped the thought of the girl and began eating. I tore the pieces of chicken like a famished wolf. But still, I had an eye on whatever the girl was doing. After twenty minutes I got through with my dinner. I was so full that it had become a challenging task for me to move my body. Carrying my body felt like pulling a cartload of pumpkins.

But I had work to do. I had to go and talk to her. With a lot of effort, I moved myself to get to the place where she stood. A boy overtook me like the hare in the hare and tortoise story. The hare was her boyfriend. And me, the tortoise, could not do anything but stand bewildered. The boy held her hand and took her away. All my excitement and warm feelings came crashing down and I was left heartbroken. Slow and steady had not won.

After consoling myself for five minutes, I drew out a lesson from this experience. Food was, is and will always be better than girls. I became happy again and appreciated my decision of putting food first and doing what one should do in a party – heartily eat the delicious free food. I pulled my socks again and headed to the desserts section.


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