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What is a NEED ? why do we NEED certain things and don’t NEED some ? what helps us decide if we NEED something or not ? can NEEDS only be materialistic or is there something more to it?

There are so many questions and not so many answers . The meaning of NEED is , requiring (something) which essential and not just desirable . The needs of every individual differs from the others, what is needed by one may not be needed by the other is all depends on how much one craves for something thus, turning that craving into a need .

No , needs are not just materialistic they are much more complex and vivid than that . Needs can be EMOTIONAL , MENTAL and PHYSICAL as well.

Lets start with EMOTIONAL NEEDS , according to majority of the people emotional needs are equivalent to emotional support which is equal to a void that can be filled by having a partner but that’s not entirely true . Having a partner is a blissful experience but depending on them entirely to support you is wrong , YOU YOURSELF ARE YOUR FIRST SUPPORTER , YOUR FIRST CRITIC , YOUR FIRST SHOULDER TO CRY ON . You can be the first person to fulfill your emotional needs but being there for yourself. Introspect yourself , how attached are you to yourself? how much do you support yourself ? are happy on the inside and is it you who makes yourself happy? The answer to these questions will tell you a lot about yourself.

The second type is MENTAL NEEDS , people often confuse mental well being with emotional well being , they are related to each other but aren’t same . Emotional well being is coping with stress , anxiety and depression etc. while mental well being is being able to bring out best in these conditions , to pull yourself together . Sometimes wishful thinking can be a boon to maintain your mental well being . Nobody should put themselves through mental stresses all the time , nothing in life is worth putting yourself through so much pressure , TAKE IT EASY . Learn to allow yourself to take a break , imagine situations or thing that will make you happy , stand up for yourself it may seem difficult at first but eventually it will make you stronger .

And the final one is PHYSICAL NEED , the desire and curiosity for intimacy is not the physical need i’ll be talking about here but i’ll be talking about the most important physical need. The need to pat your back and tell yourself that you’re worth it , the need to hold yourself as tightly as possible because nobody has got your back the way you have yours , the need to spread those lips and smile because if you decide to smile bright nothing in the world is strong enough to dim it.

Be there for yourself , support yourself and love yourself to bits because you had yourself when nobody was there for you . Nobody can understand you better than you and remain a mystery for others .Learn to put yourself first, be your support system , be your best friend …..


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