Priyanka Chopra was born on 18th July in Jamshedpur, Bihar(now Jharkhand) to Ashok and Madhu Chopra who were both physicians in Indian Army. Apart from being an actor, she’s also a singer, film producer, and philanthropist. She went on to win the Miss World 2000 pageant. Apart from that, she bagged many awards such as National Film award and five Filmfare awards. She was conferred with Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award. She featured in the list of top 100 influential people from all around the world.

We all know her name but do we know her nickname? Well, she has many nicknames and they are Piggy Chops, Mimi, Sunshine, PC. Initially, she aspired to become an aeronautical engineering or criminal psychology but after winning the Miss India contest she dropped the idea of continuing with higher studies and joined the Indian Film Industry as she got many film offers. Her film debut was Thamizhan(2002, Tamil film). Many people think that PC began her career in Bollywood but she made her first appearance in Bollywood in the film The Hero: Love Story of a Spy. Apart from that, she made her TV debut with Khatron Ke Khiladi as host. Guess what she also debuted in music with Ullathai Killathe(2002 Tamil film Thamizhan).

The actor went through many controversies. It was alleged that she was having an affair with actor Akshay Kumar due to which both of the actors decided not to work together post-Waqt. Again the same case. Now it’s Shah Rukh Khan. Actually, Shah Rukh Khan started recommending her to filmmakers to take her in the film. Meanwhile, her regular visits to Shah Rukh’s house Mannat and also at various other events enraged his wife Gauri Khan. Now Gauri Khan made it clear not to work with her(PC) due to which both of them stopped working together. These were affair controversies. Apart from affair controversies, there were many other conflicts which came up. Now this time because of her picture appearing on the cover of Maxim India. But it became viral not for her beauty but for her exposed armpits that many people thought to be photoshopped without any underarm wrinkles. She was not even spared in social networking as well. A comedian Tanmoy Bhar mocked her accent just like many others on social media. “When I say @priyanka Chopra’s name in my head I now automatically pronounce it like ‘Priyaaaanka Chopra’,” he tweeted. The result was sparking of a twitter battle between the actor and the comedian.

Now let us dive into things that she likes. She likes to eat Risotto, Burger, French fries, Biriyani(Chicken mutton both), Bourbon biscuits, Fish curry, Sarson ka Saag, Red Velvet Cake. Her favorite books are Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, Tell Me Your Dreams by Sidney Sheldon, Letters from a Father to His Daughter by Jawaharlal Nehru. Many Bollywood and Hollywood actors feature in a list of her favorite actors and actresses. Those were Shah Rukh Khan, Dharmendra, Rekha, Kishore Kumar, Sushmita Sen, Tom Hardy, Mel Gibson, Matthew McConaughey. Her favorite Bollywood movies are Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and Mujhse Shadi Karoge. She also likes Hollywood movies such as Jerry Maguire, Pretty Woman, Walk in the Clouds. We talked about many things which she likes. But when we talk of favorite things then a common question pops up in mind and it is nothing but favorite color. Well her favorite color is Red. She likes to visit restaurant Olive in Mumbai. Apart from that, she likes to foreign locations such as Paris, Brazil, and Mexico.

We talked a lot about her favorite things. Now we get a move onto her love life. Well, she had affairs with many actors such as Akshay Kumar, Harman Baweja, Shahid Kapoor and veteran Shah Rukh Khan(rumor though). Though having affairs with many actors she’s unmarried.

She owns many cars such as Rolls Royce Ghost, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes Benz E Class and BMW 7 Series. What? Yes, she has under disposal the world’s costliest cars. Then what is her salary? Well, she earns 9-10 crores per film, along with that she has an annual income of $4 million for TV show Quantico an American Television Show.

We talked a lot about PC. But here are some of the unknown facts about her which you need to know.

As her parents worked in Indian Army they were shifted to many places due to which PC was relocated to different places throughout her childhood such as Bareilly, Lucknow, Delhi, Pune, Ladakh, Chandigarh, Ambala, and USA.
She participated in a local beauty contest called ‘May Queen’ which she won.
She was supposed to debut with the film Ek Haseena Ek Deewana along with Govinda, but the film got shelved.
We already know that one of her nicknames is Piggy Chops but who gave her this nickname. It was actually Abhishek Bachchan who gave the nickname.
Parineeti Chopra, Meera Chopra, and Barbie Handa are her cousin sisters who are also Bollywood actors.
She was selected for the film Umrao Jaan but for her busy schedule, Aishwariya Rai Bachchan played the role instead of PC.
She went on to win the National Award – Best Actress for her film ‘Fashion’(2008).
She played 12 different roles(different zodiac signs) in the film ‘What’s Your Rashee?’(2009).
She took training in western classical music and released her first album ‘In My City’ in September 2012.
She loves collecting cameras and a gadget freak.
Priyanka Chopra is the first ever Indian Actress whose foot impressions are taken in Italy’s famous Salvatore Ferragamo Museum.
Wherever she goes she always carries candies in her purse. She is believed to have undergone plastic surgery to enhance her lips and nose.
She’s an animal lover and adopted a tigress and a lioness named as Durga and Sundari respectively. These animals are kept at Ranchi’s Birsa Biological Park.
Initially, she was not ready to sign the ‘Quantico’ pact only because of its long duration. But later she agreed and went on to bag awards for her performance in Quantico.

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