Heaven, Hell and Karma – Are all Interlinked with each other ???

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Most of the religions have used the concepts of heaven and hell to lure and scare people respectively. These have been used as tools to discipline mankind. And the concept of heaven and hell has worked to a large extent. But in today’s times, the appeal of heaven or the threat of hell does not have the same effect on people as it had, a few centuries ago. Today we have a better sense of reasoning and much better access to information. Moreover, the basic flaw in the premise of heaven and hell is the fact that, if at all anything were to happen, it would happen after we die.
The Mystery of Death
And nobody knows what exactly happens after we die. It is impossible to find out. So like the concepts of hell and heaven, there could be so many other possibilities. I too have created my theory of what happens after we die. And I have assumed that we just go into a state of nothing mentally and physically. So the lure of heaven and threat of hell does not affect me.
What Goes Around, Comes Around
But I do believe in the concept of Karma. Karma is a Sanskrit word, which literally means action and intent. The philosophy behind the word is focus on your karma and do not think about the result. If your karma is good, result will also be good and if your karma is bad, result will be bad. In simpler words, what goes around comes around.
But is this the case actually? Truthfully speaking, one can never know. But believing in karma and keeping your action and intent clean has its advantages.
Advantages Of Good Karma
If your action and intent is good, you will have a clear conscience for one. Because at the end of the day, you are answerable to yourself. And you should be able to look at your reflection in the eye. You will have the satisfaction of not being as bad as the ones you hate or dislike.
Secondly, good action and intent brings peace of mind. When you know your actions and intent are good, you are less skeptical about others. Because instinctively, we expect others to be like ourselves. And when we know we have done something wrong or have harbored bad intentions towards anyone, we constantly suspect others to do the same to us. On the other hand, when our actions and intent is good, we are not suspecting and more at peace with our environment.
Alternatively, believing in karma helps you let go of vengeful thoughts. When someone does anything wrong with you, feeling angry, hurt and vengeful is quite natural. But when you believe in karma, you know karma will make the person pay and you don’t have to bother about teaching the person a lesson. It helps you let go and gives you peace of mind.
Thirdly, it is worth giving the concept of Karma a shot. It has worked for many people. It might just work for you.
Thank you for reading and keep you karma good 😉
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