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“How can I become more confident while talking to people?” – It is a grave and interesting question which is potent enough to entice all the age groups of today’s world, but importantly adults and the working class. The world is being driven by diplomats and great spokespersons, and they all have succeeded to establish themselves with a godly weapon called ‘confidence’. The vocab ‘Confidence’ has been misinterpreted by many of us except those great men who have become great with their power of talking and convincing( what we have perceived), supported by ‘Confidence’. Bluntly speaking, the very cause of this misinterpretation and misleading sense is the attitude of us to comprehend others. So without wasting much time, I should commence on the elucidation and expansion of the term ‘confidence’ and ‘the mode to attain it’. And you would certainly come to know that – ‘the same confidence’ will help in talking, walking, sleeping and in all your vitalities.

‘Confidence’ is the mirror of the inner and eternal side of a living creature. ‘Confidence’ is the facade of one’s beliefs and thoughts. Every single ought to attain this state for which we have to approach internally and eternally but not externally. As shown in movies, dramas and all its relevant media, confidence is like – saying to yourselves as an assertion – “we can do it.”, “ Only we can do it.”, “No one can defeat me.”, “No human is born to vandalize me.”, “ I am the best.” But what these statements conceal behind them is ‘confusion’ and ‘absurdness’. The most satirical moments are such when these statements really do magic. Yes, ‘Magic’ it is, ‘Fate’ it is, a ‘Fortune’ for you. Here I have to put something so that allegations won’t be poured to me – “I’m not underestimating or declining the undeniable power of ‘words’”. What I really wish to mean that the words are like incitement, and incitement is an act of bribing. Even it can have an effect, that effect would stay for short and time would cut it shorter. Moreover, it’s like behaving what people want, as a monkey is made to dance on the whip of its master. We are an evolved species so, it is our duty to respect this tag which is clinging on our head.


‘Confidence’ is the state of a link between physical-and-mental complacency. The ‘mental’ part has the upper hand which controls and manifests the physical needs too. This comes only when we start to know ourselves and, stop to read others. We dump our time our whole life just by reading others. We always strive to get a quick note on what others’ stances on us, what people are thinking on ‘some’ subject. And you would feel quenched as your speculations begin to be partially or fully rightful. This illusion of yours will eat you slowly and pneumatically. At the end of the day, you would have nothing to yours and others too. We all have ‘qualities’ – good and bad, and ‘loop-holes’- for good and bad. Habitually, we pick the good ones for us and to propound before others. We repel the ‘bad’ things which are breathing inside us and we never claim it before outsiders ( outsiders signify –outside to your body). And why the hell anyone would intentionally do that. Anyone but not a ‘matured’ one. I would correct the preceding statement- ‘Anyone but not a ‘fool’. I know, I’m again jumping into the ‘river of contradictions’ but this has to be told. You can’t accept the good qualities of yours unless you carry your bad qualities with you. These might be bad to others, to a mass’s perception, but deeply thinking- bad complete well and vice-versa. We cannot be good to others if we are not bad for the remnants. Apparently, to accept yourselves you have to accept both the positive and negative energies in you, which can lead your bodily system to neutrality.

So sit comfortably and close your eyes, let your mind wander and roam here and there, don’t stop, have and take everything that comes in this ‘Thought- process’. And when you eventually rest, you will feel the feeling of being complete in your journey. This ‘complete’ is the neutrality of good-and-bad. This will illustrate you that you are known to yourselves. This illustration or depiction would be mirrored as ‘Confidence’. This is what we call meditation-the process to know oneself’. Now whether you talk, walk, eat, sleep, care, everything will have a compilation, which would be embellished in your ‘Attitude’.



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