How games can help students learn better?

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Initially, video games were not designed with an educational purpose, even because of their provocative and diverting nature, video games have developed a negative image among parents. But today the Prominent learning theorists, including Lev Vygotsky, Jean Piaget, and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, have emphasized the importance of games in the physical and mental of students. It helps in the development of abstract imaginative thinking and the realization of goals children cannot yet achieve in real life. A number of new researchers indicate that gaming today is not only a medium of entertainment but also a way of learning.

Benefits Of Gamification Of Learning Process

1.       Improves Critical Thinking Skills

It is tough to provide students with an interactive core curriculum that helps them to improve critical thinking skills but Gamification of learning process makes it possible and easy. it is scientifically proven that the things we practice is comparatively easy to understand and Gamification provides students with a more realistic approach to understanding. Video games enable to put themselves in shoes the of a particular character that gets students more excited about the material and support long-term retention.

2.       Video Games Make People Happy And Reduces Stress

Apart from their behavior rotten image video games give humans an ultimate happiness and excitement. Students who suffer from high educational pressure feel relieved while playing video games. So, it’s good if we make gamify the learning process that will reduce stress and students will take more interest in learning.

3.       Best Medium For Individualized Learning

Every individual is different whether it is about physical or mental strength, we are all different. So, as with the students, every learner is different from each other and have their own individual need but it is tough for an institution to meet up with the needs and expectations of everyone but learning through games can give you this leisure. Games are made to serve the variety of needs. Everyone can choose the difficulty level on the basis of their own capabilities. They don’t need to feel a part of the herd where only the intelligent one leads the class and other remains deprived.

4.       Games Teach New Technical Skills

In this advanced era games is the best medium to make students more technique-friendly and teach them new technical skills. It even increases the creativity level of students.

5. Encourage And Discourage Behaviors With Rewards And Punishments

The major benefit of Gamification of learning is that it increases the competition level and here they don’t compete others, they compete to beat themselves. It makes the students meet with reality sometimes they win or lose. Gamification encourages and discourages behaviors with rewards and punishments. Every time you win you’ll get something and if you lose you get punishment. It teaches the value of life and resources.

Gamification Of Various Subjects


These were some general benefits of Gamification of the learning process. But there are many games that are subject specific.

·         Math

The subject is full of numbers and various different methods of solving equations. You kid will find it tough and boring but what if you gamify the subject? Yes, right gamify the subject and then see how your kid will get excited to learn the boring math with great enthusiasm.

We can use games like ‘Math Facts Rates’, ‘Math Fact War’, ‘Show Me The Money’ etc to teach math easily.


·         English

Students find it tough to learn spellings and mind freaking grammar, even in many cases students lose marks due to their silly spelling errors. But if you use games to teach them they will enjoy to learn it.

There are games like ‘Read The Mind’, ‘Unanimouse’, ‘Spelling Takes A Hit’ etc. that will help to learn English.


·         Science

Science is again a formula based subject and it’s really tough to keep remember the formulas and equations of science. Such games provide a great knowledge of scientific concepts.

Games like ‘Jefferson Lab’, ‘Wonderville’, ‘Ecokids’ etc. make it easy for your kid to understand science.


Kids often start playing the games even before the go school. Don’t stop them from playing, just keep a check that what they are playing to ensure your parenthood. It is not surprizing that educators, policymakers, investors, and developers are trying to build games for school. We should promote the idea of Gamification at the same time we need to work on reducing the adverse effects and increasing positive ones.

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