John Rao or popularly known as Johnny Lever who was born in Andhra Pradesh and was brought up in Mumbai’s King’s Circle area is an Indian film actor and one of the most recognized comedians in Indian cinema. He is one of the first stand-up comedians in India and has received many awards including thirteen Filmfare award nominations for Best Performance in a Comic Role, and has won the award twice, for his role in Deewana Mastana, and Dulhe Raja.

Johnny studied in Andhra Telugu School till the seventh grade but could not study further because of the financial crisis, which made him decide to leave school and started working different kinds of petty jobs. He was inspired by watching comedians like Johnny Walker, Kishore Kumar and Mehmood in films and mimicry artists like Dinesh Hingoo and Nerella Venumadhav on stage which developed the passion for mimicry and stand-up comedy and so he decided to be a mimicry artist.


He was also employed in Hindustan Lever’s factory in Mumbai with his father. While working there, during free time, he used to entertain his co-workers in the factory by imitating various known actors. At one of the functions at his factory, he was asked to perform and show his talent and no sooner his popularity among co-workers and officers of the factory by his performance earned him the nickname “Johnny Lever”. When he joined the film industry, he decided to keep that name.

He started to perform stand-up comedy in musical and soon started doing a lot of shows and world tours with Kalyanji-Anandji, a legendary music direction duo. At one in all his shows, actor Sunil Dutt noticed his talent and potential and offered him his 1st film Indic Ka Rishta and then he has done quite three hundred films in Bollywood.

Johnny Lever started his career from entertaining his coworkers and has reached a remarkable stage of his life. It is estimated Johnny Lever Net Worth in 2014-2015 was $30,000,000(190Crores in Rupees). He has a daughter (Jaime Lever) who is also a well-known comedian and mimicry artist. He is a devoted follower of Christianity and has turned into a preacher and even a worker of miracles, according to hundreds of people who attend his prayer services and has cut down on his number of film assignments.

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