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I love travelling by local trains and metros. It is a strange fixation, as most people view it is as a necessary inconvenience. But there are two main reasons why I love travelling by local trains and metros.


First is my love for sitting on moving objects, be a cycle, two-wheeler, car, bus, train, or boat. Again a strange fixation. But I have an explanation, a bizarre one though. I consciously and subconsciously believe life is a journey and we ought be going somewhere. And sitting on or in moving objects makes me feel l am going somewhere. It feels right and gives me a sense of content.


The second reason is a very conventional one. Like most of the introverts, I like observing people. And local trains and metros have a diverse group of people often displaying interesting behavior.


My favorite object of observation is children. Some of them fixedly gaze out of the window, some cry for the entire journey, some trouble their guardians and others play with whoever is willing to play with them. I am always looking for this group of children whom I end up playing with. It is one of my best times.


Then come women. You have all types of women in local trains and metros dressed in a variety of manner. You have the college or tuition going student usually dressed in jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts and like, married women all decked going to a family function or something like that, working women dressed in formals often having an impatient expression on their face, old women sitting contentedly like me, so on and so forth. Now, I am a fashion enthusiast. Observinf these women help me indulge the fashion keeda in me. I often come across an interesting earring, new style of shoes, a cute shade of lipstick, etc. And sometimes pretty fashionable women walk into trains. These women give me useful insights into current fashion trends. 😉


Next group is my least favorite. It is a group of people often chatting loudly amongst each other. But sometimes, I eavesdrop on such groups. And based on the conversation I try to deduce the age, profession and relationship between the people in the group.


Then come the men. Unlike women their backstories are not so transparent except for the students. Others look pretty much the same. Half of them dressed in formals often reading a newspaper or standing quietly and patiently. The other half are dressed in casuals and often listening to music with earphones plugged in their ears and lost in their world. Sometimes, I try to figure out their backstories too. But I avoid observing men too much, as they men have the tendency to think you are attracted towards them even if glance at them unintentionally.


Then there is another group, group of readers. Reading is one my hobbies too. So again based on what he/ she is reading, I try to deduce their personalities.


Many of you who reading their blog, might find me nosy. And may be I am nosy. But I am an introvert and tend to think a lot. So I cant help myself. And to my credit, I never judge anyone.


Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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