This is the story of a couple who are married from past 10 years that end up as the heartbreaking story even love lights up when they got apart from each other forever….

A couple living with their son as usual like many other families but without love between them. Yes, you heard right there was no share of love or feelings between them it was just a mutual relationship where they were living together for their son.

Life is stagnant, their day and night had nothing special to cheer up their relationship as before when they newly married and used to spent their days thinking of each other and the very first night when he put her up in his arm to take her in their room, but now their priorities have changed, their partner has changed to live. Husband already had found his love in other woman and wife in his son’s life so everything was perfect according to the perspective of a single person but not in togetherness.

Same like yesterday and before they were at dinner the table discussing their son’s studies while praising the food, he asked her for divorce to live his each and every day like their marriage’s first day with the new love of his life. A long squeaky silence in her heart reminds every single moment of their ten-year long wedding.

Next morning, the feelings were totally different that they never feel this much relaxed, like they shed something burdened from their head to becoming single.

He promised her to give everything, what she wants? She asked him, to give a month because their son’s exam is going on, so not to disturb him with his studies and to behave like nothing has happened sour between them and want to spend her days like starting days of their marriage. He agreed with her after thinking a while.

On an evening, they went for dinner after such a long time with their son, she dressed up in a beautiful red sari but was not looking as beautiful as before, he gifted her a beautiful ring as he gifted her on their  first dinner date she smiled as wrinkles stretched out on her face he realizes that  this is the end of 10 years long journey and their son’s smiley face reminded him the day when he came in this world, he felt that happiness again.

In the span of this month he started feeling love for his wife again and thought to give second chance to their beautiful relationship as she always cared him like before he came back home with beautiful lily flowers, she liked the most. And he promised himself to never let her down in every aspect of life. And he finally thought Break-ups is something like that one soul needs to get from our heart to leave empty space for another one to come inside… but this time same soul.

He entered the room as he found his wife lying calmly on the bed. He wanted to make love that night to make it a memorable one but what he found something that none of us even imagined. He found her wife died, it was due to cancer and he was unknown about her cancer and she asked him for that one month to end this relationship on a happy note for their son so that he never has the bitterness of his parent’s relationship in his life.

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