MODERN Education Vs ANCIENT Times

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Education is the process of learning, or transfer of knowledge, skills, values, etc from one person to another. Generally the learner turns out to be younger compared to teacher but in few cases learner appears to be older than teacher.

Most of the time the education process is carried out through one to one communication between learner and teacher.

But today technology prospered and various means involved in education include discussion, training, youtube videos etc. In today’s world what we think is a person is a real gentleman only if he or she received education from reputed institutions.

But a real gentleman is judged by nature, conduct, behavior, personality etc and in this case the role of mother turns out to be crucial.

From childhood each and every individual has got constant exposure from mother and family members which proves to be vital in shaping up of the character, personality etc. Going to school or college and receiving education is not always a complete learning but many a times real education comes in the form of learning proper manners and behavior.

There are many stages of education such as playgroup, nursery, primary school, secondary school. Then we proceed to college and university. Each and every individual has the right to education. But in many countries education of girl child is not accepted, only boys are given importance. So every country should unite and fight against this injustice. 


In ancient times people used to write scripts on rock. Even in India many temples bore scripts on it. During medieval age technology prospered but there were no computer, mobile or any other technical gadgets and people relied on books. Now we have mobile, computer etc due to which education level reached sky high. We have many educational apps available on play store for example BYJU’S learning app which provides free and excellent education for for all ages starting from school level to college as well as education for placements.

Next we have you-tube videos where there are lots of channels which provides education and it could be any topic. If anyone wants to learn a particular topic then youtube is the best shot. Education process speed up through interactive videos and youtube serves this purpose. There are many online platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, Udacity which provides education related to computer science.

There are also many training programs available online and we can say education level really attained sky high and it has made life much easier for students that’s for sure. Now kids at younger age are becoming smart and self dependent all because of advanced technologies available. Everyone should be educated so that they can lead their own life independently and become a responsible and dedicated citizens.

Government of each and every country should take bold moves to encourage education amongst each and every sphere and sectors of society. Poor people should be aided with monetary help because they too are human and everyone deserves education. Often many new challenges come up in education system due to which learners need to be active in order to develop enough capabilities to succeed and contribute to the cause of society and community. 

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