Moral Values from Bollywood movie stars

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Media has always played a big role in making actors and actresses stars. But in the last decade or so, media has gained gigantic significance in all spheres of life, especially Bollywood. Resultantly we have much more access to the off-screen lives and personas of actors and actresses. And actors and actresses, especially the stars, are constantly under scrutiny seriously violating their privacy and freedom. Fully knowing this, I am ashamedly admit, I am addicted to the off-screen lives and personas of these stars. I love reading about things like how they are, where they are going, what they are doing and my most favorite what they  are wearing. And I love watching their interviews to get a glimpse of how they are. I virtually stalk all my favorite celebrities. And I also know, I am not the only one.


But I think, I got something good out of my obsession and stalking. I know movie stars are not exactly models of moral values, but I did learn something from the off-screen personas of Bollywood stars. Here are some of my moral takeaways from Bollywood movie stars.


Putting your family first

I am big fan of both Kajol and Shahrukh Khan and have watched about a million interviews of them. They always talk about their families with respect and put their families before everything. I have always admired the fact how Kajol puts her kids before her fame and the respect with which she talks about her husband Ajay Devgn. And Shahrukh Khan keeps a reserved time for his family everyday, which no one is allowed to intrude upon. After all it is our family which is with us through thick and thin.

Choosing happiness

I have done my MBA from Indian Institute of Management and 99% of my peers are highly competitive and ambitious. Career is everything for them and they are often judgemental towards people who are less ambitious. But the way Madhuri Dixit and Kajol sidetracked their careers to settle down, made me realize it is okay to choose happiness over a prolific career. And it is okay if the lack of a prolific career does not make you unhappy.

Not taking yourself too seriously

Although, I am already a person who can laugh at herself, the fact that two of my favorite celebrities- Karan Johar and Alia Bhatt can also laugh at themselves, makes me more proud of my this trait. And it also corroborates my belief that one should be accepting of one’s flaws and moreover capable of taking them lightly.


Being yourself

Although I do find Ranveer Singh a little irritating sometimes, I admire his unselfconsciousness. He is always himself, even at the cost of making a fool of himself. And what’s more, people do actually like him in spite of or may be because of his eccentricities. Every time I feel self-conscious, I think of Ranveer Singh and people’s acceptance of him.


Composed reaction to offensive statements or questions

Although I accept my flaws and am capable of laughing at myself, I do take offense when people say offensive things. And in the gazillion interviews that I have seen of celebrities, reports often ask really offensive and even incriminating questions. But most of the celebrities at most points of time maintain a calm demeanor and reply politely. And I am sure they also must be feeling offended, they are human beings after all. But I think a calm demeanor and polite reasoning are the best reactions to offensive statements or questions. Moreover not getting angry really irks the offender, considering their whole objective was to make you angry.



I hope you enjoyed the article and are not judging me for my obsession.


Thank you for reading and have a nice day!


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