Mother’s Logic

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Best Story about Mother Logic:

Story in a mall.

A Cute couple went for shopping to a mall with a 4-5 year old kid. Mom went to empty her bucket list and dad was taking care of that kid. Suddenly the kid got attracted by a watch that was kept for display. The conversation between dad and kid went like this.

Kid : Dad I want that shining thing?

Dad : (Checking price of that watch which was costing around 2000 INR) No baby, you are still a kid and that thing is for elder people like me.

Kid : (Smart kid replied with a smile) You buy that for me. I will use it when I become old like you.

Dad : (Confused by his son’s reply) No baby, You will break it. Your mom will scold you. Aren’t you scared of your Mom?

Kid : I am not you to get scared of Mom. I want that, I want that (kid started crying loudly).

Dad : (with more confusion, dad decided to buy that or else he knows that his kid won’t stop crying) OK I will buy that now for you, stop crying.

He grabbed that watch and headed towards billing counter. By that time mom finished her shopping and came near billing counter and saw the costly watch in her son’s hand. Dad explained all the effort he did to convince his son not to buy it. Dad asked mom to don’t force him he will again start crying.

Mom : Baby, I will buy you another watch leave this one. You are good boy right?

Kid : (Not flattered by his Mom’s words) No no no I want this.

Here comes the great Indian mother’s logic.

Mom took a dairy milk chocolate from the counter, holding dairy milk in one hand and watch in other hand, Mom questioned baby like this

Mom Baby, Do you want this yummy dairy milk or this shining object.

Kid : (With full excitement) Dairy milk Dairy milk Dairy milk.

Mom returned that watch and left the shop and dad started cursing his common sense.

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