It was 2016 March, when I was too depressed leading a typical frustrated engineering student’s life with no interest in studies.I was having a bad phase of my life since I left my hometown in 2013.Each morning when I used to get up from my bed, I prayed to God that I don’t want any trouble today. But my life never got bored of offering me with lemons.My nights would end with the gallons of tears on my pillow.  I was in my 3rd year of Engineering course when one day I made up my mind to watch something motivational which will give me positive vibes.I started searching  ‘Inspirational talks   ” on the search panel of the Youtube and then the 3rd video that appeared was titled as “Failed in engineering and co-founded a million dollar company” by InkTalk.Within a blink of an eye, I  have clicked on that video.The first thing that came to my mind while watching that video was ‘Will I be happy in future by doing a job in a company’?The answer was ‘NO’.I was trying to find the answer what my heart really wanted to do.I was not happy with my engineering course at that time.After watching the video, I realized that nothing can bring me happiness and satisfaction if I don’t follow my heart.Because we should always do what our heart wants.Just for the sake of our parents or our society, if we are leading a life that won’t make us happy from inside.From that day onwards, I have started following Mr.Varun Agarwal-the man who is a ray of hope to many young people like me.I decided that I will follow my heart and my dreams because life is not about only earning money, we want happiness too.

Now, talking about this versatile human being the first thing that pops up in my mind is his vision to observe the things in a different way.He was born in Bangalore on 6th Dec,1987.He completed his schooling from Bishop Cotton Boys’ School.He is a B.E in Telecommunication Engineering.Presently, he is the owner of three companies.These three companies include Almamater, Reticular, and Last Minute Films. Alma Mater is a Bangalore based company.It sells apparel and memorabilia to schools and colleges across the country. The phenomenal thing about their company is the customized hoodies and t-shirts.Alma Mater store provides a wide variety of sweatshirts, t-shirts that fall into broad categories like the different branch of engineering, school days, different social media and the price of their apparels are affordable. Customers are given an option to provide their own designs.This company is now providing t-shirts to many institutions that include IIT Chennai, IMT, St. Paul’s etc and also to many corporate offices.It is India’s largest merchandise Brand for schools, colleges as well as corporates.

On the other hand, Reticular is another company co-founded by him.It’s a social media marketing company in Bangalore.

Then, comes the “Last Minute Films” which is a film production house.Since his school days he was very much passionate about film-making.In an interview he once told that after 12th he got a handy-cam from his mother which he used to make short films.During his engineering college days in Bangalore, he started film-making. At that time, he founded his first business venture ‘Last Minute Films’ (LMF).LMF is now an Indian film production company with successful music videos, ad etc. It has got about 3.5lakh hits on YouTube.So after graduating from Engineering, he went to work for this production company called Phat Phish productions.  As a film-maker, he got a chance to work with stars like A. R. Rahman and Preity Zinta, whom he directed in videos.He has also produced -Anu aunty -Engineering Anthem, a parody that has witnessed more than 19lakh views on YouTube.The recent parody was published on Youtube by Unacademy.   “Unacademy Exam Anthem” was presented by Unacademy in collaboration with Mr.Varun Agarwal and Mr.Sanjay Manaktala.

At the age of 29, he is not only running these start-up companies, he is also an author who penned down a bestseller book “How I braved Anu Aunty and co-founded a million dollar company”.This book tells us how he braved Anu aunty and it also peeks into his personal life where he also mentioned about his friends.He used to write a lot of blogs on his Facebook page about how he started his own company with his friend Mr.Rohn Malhotra. His blogs started getting very famous and when he sent those to Rupa Publishers, they loved those and he was asked to provide them a manuscript.And finally, he became a successful author too.Now, recently Mr.Nitesh Tiwari, the famous Dangal film-maker has shown his interest in turning Mr.Varun Agarwal’s best-selling novel into a film and bringing it to the screen that will really inspire all the young minds to think out of the box.

Apart from film-making and writing book, he has also revolutionized in the trend of food.A large number of people are pizza-lovers especially the youth generation of our country and he has offered them with a new flavor of pizza-pizza in Indian style.He has recently started his own pizza company-Puh se Pizza, located in Koramangala 5th block, Bangalore.

He has influenced a number of young minds by his motivational speech.He has inspired all those students to follow their dreams who have failed in life and also inspired all the students who have a conflict in their minds regarding their career. He says that “Take the leap and then think”.He is a Man with passion and vision.He is just phenomenal.


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