Mystery of Bermuda Triangle Revealed in Hindu Mythology

Everyone of us have heard about Bermuda Triangle, known as Devil’s Triangle. It is located in far western part of Atlantic Ocean. Travellers who travelled with ships to this devil zone has got vanished and because of this there is a mystery behind this Bermuda Triangle. Many says that Bermuda Triangle does not exists and there is an assumption that a huge pyramid is there inside the Atlantic Ocean which pull the things into it. Its almost been 500 years that this region has been named as most dangerous region after the disappearances of planes and ships.  After all these incidents, travellers now avoid this route while travelling.

Crystal Pyramid Under water in Bermuda Triangle

In Hindu Mythology, Rig Veda says, the 4th planet Mars was born out of the 3rd planet Earth. In Sanskrit language, it is called Bhauma(son of Bhumi) or Kuja(Ku= Earth and Ja= Born out of). Rig Veda clearly says, when the planet Earth gave birth to the planet Mars, Mars got separated from mother and Earth got imbalanced. To stop this, Ashwini Kumar(Godly Doctor) poured lot of iron into this triangular injury and got fixed to its current position. So the Earth is slightly bent at the axis.

Gravitational Force in Bermuda Triangle

The triangular shaped injury happened on the planet and it became Bermuda Triangle. The iron stored in Bermuda triangle results in the loss and disappearances of ships. Also its a strange thing that both Earth and Bermuda triangle are tilted at 23 and half degrees.

In Atharva Veda of Hindu Mythology, description of many types of Gems described in it. One famous Gems is Darbha Gem, which is like a neutron star and has a very high density. Also this gem has emission of high electromagnetic waves from Darbha Gem. This is a very powerful Gem and according to Atharva Veda, this Gem inside the water possess gravitational field and it stirs bodies or objects that comes near to it. It also releases high amount of energetic rays.

Emission of Gas Bubbles and Gravitational Energy

In Vedic Astrology, Mars is red in colour and it has many dried river beds on it. Coral gemstones related to Mars are red in colour and is only found under the water.



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