As we settled for our bedtime routine, Rohan got his story book to me. I asked him, “So, what do we have today to read?” Today he selected, `the Princess and the Pea’ book. Hmm, quite an interesting book, I said. As I started reading, I reached the point where, the queen put the pea underneath the mattresses just to find out whether the so-called princess was lying or saying the truth.

“Then, next day morning, when the queen asks the princess, whether she had a good sleep?, princess says sleepily, Oh, it was bad! It was as if, someone had put a pea under the mattress”.

On hearing this, the queen jumped with joy, when she discovered that this girl was indeed a real princess. Hurray! we have found our princess. She happily married her son to this princess. That was the end of the story. Rohan was quite sleepy by the time, we ended the story.

Well, that was just a story, a fairy tale, where we hear stories about how a prince found his princess. Since nowadays, there are stories floating about how nepotism is making a dent in everyone’s life, this story has something to ponder about.

Recently Kangana Ranaut wrote an open letter criticizing the excess of nepotism in the film industry. Why just target film industry? I believe nepotism is everywhere. Industrialists favour their genes, politicians – their kin and of course in our story, the queen wanted a `real’ princess for her prince son. So, why should a film industry be any different?

How easy is it for a commoner to survive or what difficulty he faces to make it in this world which is filled with people favouring nepotism? There are always two sides to any story and naturally people’s views will also be divided. The issue of nepotism has sparked and how. It is like suddenly, a commoner has awakened and asking why others are favoured.

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Not everywhere does nepotism or favouritism work. Because to make it work, it takes a village of talent and capabilities. Some genes are blessed and some are not so lucky in spite of the genes. So, why crib? I guess, the ones who are crying over nepotism are the ones who have tasted the sour grapes. But this is not the case always. You will also find that those who had got opportunity because of nepotism or their family lineage, and are not as successful as their ancestors, even do cry foul as they feel they are the victim of nepotism.

Nepotism works both ways. No way does nepotism or your family lineage guarantee your eligibility nor does it make you ineligible. So, when you do not get the opportunities, you think is fit for you or any opportunity slips from your hand, please do not blame nepotism for it. If people like APJ Abdul Kalam and Shah Rukh Khan cried for nepotism, then think how our world would be devoid of such great talents. In the end, your talent counts and not eugenics.

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